10 rue de vauzelles – le village sutter
JAZZ(s)RA is the result of a successful merger of the associations Suivez le Jazz Rhône Alpes Jazz in 2010, which had 30 members at the time. Since 2015, our platform, covering the greater Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, now has more than 200 members divided into 4 colleges: artists and artists' collectives, venues (clubs and festivals), publishing and production structures, music schools and conservatories.

The aim of JAZZ(s)RA is to support the development and structuring of jazz and improvised music in the region, in particular by promoting all the initiatives of the regional jazz scene, and in the first place those emanating from its members. To do this, JAZZ(s)RA has devised new federative modes of action that are in line with a policy of global support for regional creativity.

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