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At Jazzcds we have a number of objectives:
1. Contemporary Music
To promote high quality, independently produced, contemporary jazz. We work directly with musicians and small labels to bring you music that is being created by artists working on the scene today.
2. A Fair Deal for Musicians and Customers Alike
To ensure that musicians get a fair deal. Many of our Cds are sent out directly by musicians or by records label. This way we keep costs down for customers and the musicians earn more.
Our new interactive site allows musicians and labels full control of what goes on the site. Artists can put up full details about their CDs, a biography, reviews, live reviews and gig dates. They set the price of their CDs and in many cases dispatch the Cds themselves. This way they earn more money and customers get a fair price. Some of the albums are sent out by Jazzcds on behalf of musicians who spend a great deal of time on tour.
(Please note that as musicians are responsible for keeping their information up-to-date Jazzcds cannot be held reponsible for inaccuracies, errors, misprints or missing information on the site. However we will feed any comments back to musicians and encourage them to rectify problems!)
3. Keep up with the new technology
We are adding new enhancements all the time.
4. Access to a broad audience
To offer musicians a way of accessing a broader and more international audience for their music.
The way we achieve this is by providing a website through which musicians sell their CDs direct to the public.
Musicans wishing to promote their CDs on our site should write to us at:christine@jazzcds.co.uk
Jazzcds was founded by Christine Allen of Basho Music and the website is created by Ian Moss.