Jazz International Rotterdam

Jazz International Rotterdam (JIR) is a non-profit organisation and is funded by the city Council of Rotterdam. The Foundation has extra income from local, regional and national funds and ticket sales. JIR is responsible for more then 60 concerts per year, organised in different venues in Rotterdam. The main venues where the concerts take place are Concertgebouw De Doelen and Lataren Venster. One of the programme formats is the three-day Festival Jazz International Rotterdam, which takes place in Lantaren Venster. The main goal for Jazz International is to provide a stage for mostly Dutch jazz musicians with a special attention for young and upcoming talents. JIR aims to focus on international artistic developments, in particular by initiating co-operations between Dutch and international (European) musicians. We develop and curate different and innovative programme formats to gain as much audience as possible for the music we find relevant. The programme consist of moreover highly qualified adventurous jazz where improvisation has a vital role in the music, which is considered as art form. The Foundation has existed since 1994, but the name has existed since 2001.

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