Jazovia Cultural Centre

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Fundacja Integracji Kultury was established in 2010. It is a non-profit organisation founded by Krzysztof Kobylinski who is a jazz composer and musician. Below are the main purposes of the organisation:

- native and international wide range activities in musical culture and education
- development and promotion of different domains of musical creativity especially in jazz
- promotion and encouragement of young musicians in the country and abroad
- cooperation with world-wide music centres
- focus on artists, critics, musical representatives and activists about world music and culture

The organisation performs two main musical projects:
- Palmjazz Festival which takes place every year in October and November in Gliwice (Poland). It has been playing since 2010.
- Filharmonia Festival which plays every year from April to July, in Gliwice (Poland). It has been playing since 2014.

Almost all these music projects take place in Jazovia. Jazovia is a Cultural Centre, place with venue where musicians, artists, activists, volunteers work.

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