Inside Jazz Management - Agency - Booking


In 2006 we decided to take a lifelong music passion one step further and founded Inside Jazz to help Belgian jazz artists build and manage their careers on an international level. Oh, and make no mistake: Jazz may well be the cornerstone of everything we do here, but Inside Jazz’s musicians aren’t afraid to take their music far beyond as they often flirt with Americana and classical music or rock and avant-garde. Every day, we collaborate closely with musicians, in our office in Ghent or on location. We help them book concerts and organize tours in and outside of Belgium. We also take care of promotion, advertising and communication with the press, organizers and programmers to make sure that their projects get the spotlight they deserve.

“More Than 17 Years Of Experience“

We’ve worked together to bring about many album releases with local and international labels to capture some of their unique projects – many of which you’ll find on this website or on our YouTube and FaceBook pages. But with Inside Jazz we also wanted to establish something more profound, to cement our strong Belgian musical heritage and spread our music to the world. So we also collaborated with organizations and events such as the Belgian Jazz Forum and Belgian Jazz Meeting to bring the music that is at the center of everything I do closer to you. Of course, we’re immensely proud of our Belgian music and that pride and enthusiasm can’t be contained within our Belgian borders. That’s why we do everything we can to bring our artists and their music everywhere in Europe and beyond!

Musicians : Bram De Looze // Yves Peeters  // Yannick Peeters // Samuel Ber  // Stéphane Galland //  Stan Callewaert //  Julien Tassin // Teun Verbruggen // Kristof Roseeuw // Naima Joris // Lara Rosseel // Peter Vandenberghe // Chantal Acda // Eric Thielemans