Festival Productions, Inc.

311 West 74Th Street
LA 70130
New Orleans,
United States

Here is what we can do for your: city, corporation, convention, trade show, organization, school, special event, festival, fair, jamboree, party, celebration:

Create and produce unique sponsor-titled events that can have regional, national or international impact and sponsor viability

Coordinate all corporate entertainment needs (speakers, bands, variety shows, multi-media presentations)

Develop a program for your targeted audience

Develop and produce specially-tailored summer and park programs for large or small cities

Produce themed events, complete with music, ethnic foods, crafts, etc.

Produce college music tours for specific sponsorships

Organize and arrange master classes/seminars for schools and universities

Arrange lectures on both the business and cultural sides of music

Design field operation and site management

Design and manage concession operations (food booths, arts and crafts)

Develop profitable event-related concession items (T-shirts, posters, etc.)

Provide event identification consultation (stage banners, flags, logos, etc.)

Coordinate product visibility and samplings at events

Produce entertainment programming for sports events with celebrity participation

Provide national and worldwide tour promotion and management

Package tour groups for major national or international festivals

Provide all production and technical expertise

Provide creative expertise

Provide in-house public relations and graphic design on a worldwide level