Creative Scotland

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Creative Scotland is the national leader for Scotland’s arts, screen and creative industries. It’s our job to help Scotland’s creativity shine at home and abroad.

We invest in talented people and exciting ideas. We develop the creative industries and champion everything that’s good about Scottish creativity.

Scotland boasts an incredible range of talent, from award-winning directors and writers to widely recognised actors and internationally renowned musicians, visual artists, architects and digital companies. As a result of the wealth of indigenous talent, Scotland produces a huge volume of home-grown productions and products each year.

We think Scotland’s arts, screen and creative industries are worth shouting about. We’ll lead the shouting.

Visit our Investment section to find out how to apply for investment from Creative Scotland.

Creative Scotland is a Lottery distributor

The arts is one of the National Lottery Good Causes and we distribute to the arts in Scotland according to four priorities:

Making the arts available to people who might not otherwise have the chance to experience them

Getting children and young people involved in the arts

Opening up the arts to a wider, more diverse audience than ever

Making sure every region of Scotland has the resources it needs to share its creative work

Our Partners

We can’t do it all ourselves and we don’t want to. 

We value our partnerships with grassroots, local, national and international organisations to help us achieve our goals and we’re excited about making new ones. Our major partners are artists, cultural producers, the education sector, broadcasters, local authorities and investment agencies such as Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

Two of our flagship partnerships are with the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh International Film Festival, working with the organisers, partners, local authorities and the Scottish Government to ensure these festivals show the best of what Scotland has to offer and promote cultural tourism.