Centre Culturelle Ville de Limoges

7, Avenue Jean-Gagnant,

A centre for polyphonic music of the Middle Ages, the cultural influence of Limoges at that time extended over a large part of Europe… Today this prestigious heritage is evident in the creativity of the musical ensembles such as the Ensemble baroque de Limoges or in every exchange that takes place in the Festival international des Francophonies (International festival of French-speakers). Today the city has a cultural network whose appeal extends well beyond the Limousin region...

The multimedia French language Library which is completely free to visitors and which lends out more than a million items per year is one of the new emblems of a city which believes in offering cultural education along with quality entertainment to all. The cultural facilities at Limoges include a Zénith, an Opera-theatre, a musical academy, a renowned national dramatics centre, as well as several museums… There are more than 20 exhibition halls and 28 cinema screens, 5 municipal cultural centres and numerous exhibitions and events such as "Lire à Limoges" or "Danse Emoi", "Cuivres en fête" or "Eclats d’Email".

A city for music, reading and the theatre, Limoges where culture comes on tap …