Annamaija Music Company


Annamaija Music Company is an independent production company located in Tampere, Finland. It has been existing since October 2011 and is now one of the key promoters in Finland that offers jazz concerts around the year in Tampere with both Finnish and international artists like Verneri Pohjola, Mikko Innanen, Raoul Björkenheim, Peter Brötzman, Han Bennink, Jamaladeen Tacuma and Alan Wilkinson to name a few. Besides monthly AMC club events, the company is producing tours in Finland and abroad as well as export projects in collaboration with Music Finland. Furthermore, AMC services include project management and artist management services. In May 2014 AMC will curate the Finnish program for the Europäische Jazzfestival in Berlin that is arranged by the European culture institutes located in Berlin. In summer 2014 AMC will produce a four-month-long concert series at a club venue at Mustalahti Harbour in Tampere. Annamaija Music Company is supported by Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. AMC has got two employees, CEO Annamaija Saarela and producer Marko Nikula.