International Music Festival Dobrsska brana 2022

The International Music Festival Dobršská Brána will again offer a refreshing insight into the world of contemporary music without dramaturgical compromises and a formal genre classification of performers. In their work they present, they freely switch between genres and combine elements of folk music with jazz and chamber music. This corresponds to the specific dramaturgy of the festival and its motto “The Gate to the World of Music”.

The festival continues and fits into the global trend of searching for new connections between traditional, classical and contemporary music and thus creates a unique musical event that would hardly find a comparison on the Czech music scene. At the same time, the festival gives a new impulse for meeting of world musicians and the Czech audience on the spot for many visitors unusual, yet with a long musical tradition, outside the Czech metropolis. The success of the past years is supported by musical responses from the audience and critics’ reviews by proving that the focus of the festival has been a step in the right direction. During the two-day period, the each year presents performers from all Europe and overseas, it considered to be the event with a truly wide world overlap.

The unifying element of the fifth year of the festival is this time the trumpet instrument. We will hear them in various combinations, in free improvisation. There will be a variety of jazz, in all forms and colors, as well as folk songs, compositions composed on the legacy of national folklore and compositions intended directly for those specific performers.


Friday August the 19

festival opening 15:30 Main stage Dobrs Château

OSKAR TÖRÖK & MICHAL RATAJ  /SVK,CZE 15:30 Second stage Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary
ŠTĚPÁNKA BALCAROVÁ QUARTET /CZE, POL/ 19:00 Second stage Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary
VERNERI POHJOLA / THE DEAD DON´T DREAM  /FIN/ 20:30 Main stage Dobrs Château

Saturday August the 20

0 exhibition opening  / 11:00 Château_ gallery Co Co
MIROSLAV HLOUCAL -  WORKSHOP /CZE/ 13:30 Main stage Dobrs Château
JIŘÍ KOTAČA & ALF CARLSSON QUARTET   /CZE,SWE,SVK/ 15:00 Second stage Dobrs Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary
JAKOB BÄNSCH DUO /DEU/ 16:30 Outdoor stage - Chapel
MARKUS STOCKHAUSEN / TALES  /DEU/ 19:30 Main stage Dobrs Château
ANDREA MOTIS / LOOPHOLES /ESP/ 21:00 Main stage Dobrs Château


The Dobrš´s Recovery Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) is a voluntary civic association whose purpose are educative and cultural activities in relation to Dobrš as an exceptional village location.

Association also raise funds for the projects, expert opinions and related documentation for the reconstruction, operation, repair and maintenance of the castle and fortress area, the other cultural monuments and other buildings and spaces in the village and its intravilan. The basic idea of operating and using this locality is to restore its social function and interconnection of its individual parts in order to create a space for coexistence of people of different interests, age, education and convictions, focusing on artistic activities, meeting, teaching, learning, sharing and alternative culture. This program will be implemented in the sense of the Government’s Architectural Heritage Rescue Program, with an emphasis on the authenticity and unmistakable context of the historical monuments, together with the search for a new current use of the castle area and its surroundings.

The Association has been expanding its operating range in terms of content and location for the second year now.  The Association’s activities are proven throughout years, yet they always bring something new  every time, annually attracting a wide array of famous artists, professional and amateur alike, in many  genres, and now they include a unique music festival whose specific focus (second to none even in the varied offer of music festivals) draws an entirely new type of visitors, musicians and fans to Dobrš in South Bohemia.

The festival project seeks to revive those roots and restore the traditional rural cultural and social customs; as part of the event, the former traditional pub surviving in its original guise is open and accessible, and as the former cultural centre of the community, it regains its purpose while getting a new, contemporary and attractive content, especially for the local citizens who sorely lack a venue for social events at present.The multi-spectrum activities targeting the widest possible audience seek and form the new cultural identity of the rural environment reflecting the needs of contemporary man in the 21st century in the European context.