AKAMU Complete Roster with projects




The Art Ensemble of Chicago
The Art Ensemble of Chicago - The Sixth Decade

Anthony Braxton
The Sonic Genome (6-8 hours performance for over then 60 musicians)
Tri-Centric Vocal Ensemble (Thunder Music)
ZIM Music Octet
Saxophone Quartet
Anthony Braxton Diamond Curtain Wall Trio
Anthony Braxton Duos

Roscoe Mitchell
Roscoe Mitchell Quartet feat. Ambrose Akinmusire, Junius Paul and Vincent Davis
Space Trio feat. Thomas Buckner and Scott Robinson
Roscoe Mitchell - Milford Graves (World Premiere)
Roscoe Mitchell Solo

Henry Threadgill
14 or 15 Kestra: Aggregate (European Premiere)
Ensemble Double Up Plus
Ensemble Double Up
Dimples (European Premiere)

Dave Burrell
Harlem Renaissance Project feat. Steve Swell and J'royce Jata
Dave Burrell Trio feat. Joshua Abrams and Hamid Drake (European premiere)
Dave Burrell - Giovanni Falzone Duo
Dave Burrell Piano Solo

Famoudou Don Moye
Odyssey and Legacy Trio
Odyssey and Legacy Quintet
Kirk Lightsey Trio feat. Darryl Hall and Famoudou Don Moye

Oliver Lake
The Trio 3 feat. Oliver Lake, Reggie Workman and Andrew Cyrille + special guest Jason Moran
Oliver Lake Organ Quartet
Oliver Lake 2 Drums Trio feat. Reggie Nicholson and Bill McClellan

Michael Formanek
Ensemble Kolossus (available also with local musicians)
Michael Formanek Quartet feat. Tim Berne, Craig Taborn and Gerald Cleaver
Elusion Trio/Quartet feat. Tony Malaby, Kris Davis and Ches Smith
Very Practical Trio feat. Tim Berne and Mary Halvorson
Michael Formanek - Hank Roberts - Ches Smith

Matthew Shipp
Matthew Shipp Piano Solo
Ivo Perelman - Matthew Shipp
Sabir Mateen - Matthew Shipp
Matthew Shipp Trio feat. Michael Bisio and Newman Taylor Baker

Wayne Horvitz
Wayne Horvitz & Bill Frisell: Opera "Joe Hill's Project" (European premiere)
New York Composers Orchestra
Wayne Horvitz European Orchestra
Zony Mash plus Horns
Wayne Horvitz Ensemble: "Some Places are Forever Afternoon"
Shuffleboil (European premiere)
Sweeter Than the Day
Pigpen Reunion
Wayne Horvitz Trio "The Snowghost Sessions"
Wayne Horvitz' music for soprano operatic singer and piano
Wayne Horvitz - Sara Schoenbeck Duo
Wayne Horvitz Solo

James Brandon Lewis
James Brandon Lewis - Chad Taylor
James Brandon Lewis Trio feat. Luke Stewart and Warren Crudup III
The Dead Lecturers "Baby Lonely Iambs" (full tribute to Basquiat) feat. Thomas Sayers Ellis and Melanie Dyer
James Brandon Lewis Quartet feat. Aruan Ortiz, Brad Jones and Chad Taylor
Red Lily Quintet
Heroes Are Gang Leaders - large ensemble with poets, singers mand musicians

Marty Ehrlich
Traveler's Tales feat. James Brandon Lewis, Brad Jones and Tomas Fujiwara
Ray Anderson - Marty Ehrlich Quartet feat. Brad Jones and Matt Wilson
Marty Ehrlich & Duende Strings
Exaltation Trio feat. John Hébert and Nasheet Waits (European premiere)
Marty Ehrlich - Anthony Coleman - Gerry Hemingway

Liberty Ellman
Liberty Ellman Sextet feat. Jonathan Finlayson, Steve Lehman, Jose Davila, Stephan Crump, Damion Reid
Liberty Ellman Trio feat. Stephan Crump and Damion Reid

Ches Smith
Ches Smith - Craig Taborn - Mat Maneri
Ches Smith Quartet feat. Mary Halvorson, Liberty Ellman and Nick Dunston
We All Break - a meeting of Haitian Drums and Creative Music
Ches Smith Solo: "Congs for Brums"

Silke Eberhard
Potsa Lotsa XL plays Henry Threadgill: "Silver and Gold Baby, Silver and Gold" (Tentet)
Potsa Lotsa XL: "Silk Songs for Space Dogs" (Tentet)
Potsa Lotsa Plus: plays Dolphy's "Love Suite" and more (Septet)
Potsa Lotsa: "The complete works of Eric Dolphy" (Quartet)

Claudio Fasoli
Claudio Fasoli Solo Claudio Fasoli - Matt Mitchell Claudio Fasoli - Paolo Birro Claudio Fasoli Trio
Claudio Fasoli Quartet
Claudio Fasoli Quintet

Elliott Sharp
Terraplane - Quartet or Septet feat. Eric Mingus
Fourth Blood Moon feat. Eric Mingus, John Edwards and Mark Sanders
Aggregat Trio feat. Brad Jones and Ches Smith
Clinamen feat. John Edwards and Mark Sanders
Elliott Sharp Solo: "Sharp plays Monk"
SysOrk - systems orchestra performing both Sharp's composed and algorithmic/graphic scores

Matt Mitchell
Phalanx Ambassadors feat. Miles Okazaki, Patricia Brennan, Kim Cass, Kate Gentile
Vista Accumulation feat. Chris Speed, Christopher Tordini and Dan Weiss
Matt Mitchell Trio feat. Kim Cass and Kate Gentile
Matt Mitchell - Ches Smith: "Fiction"
Tim Berne - Matt Mitchell
Matt Mitchell Solo: "Førage"

Elaine Mitchener
Vocal Classics of the Black Avant-Garde
The Jeanne Lee Project
The Rolling Calf
Charles-Mitchener Duo

Dudu Kouaté
Moor Mother & Dudu Kouaté
Spontaneous Rituals Duo with Simon Sieger
Myrmecoleon Duo with Massimiliano Milesi
The Africation Trio feat. Eloisa Manera & Daniela Savoldi

Jonathan Finlayson
Jonathan Finlayson & Sicilian Defense: "Moving Still"
Jonathan Finlayson Sextet: "3 Times Round"

Gabriele Mitelli
Gabriele Mitelli Solo
Gabriele Mitelli - Alexander Hawkins
Star Splitter with Rob Mazurek
The Elephant feat. Pasquale Mirra e Cristiano Calcagnile
Gabriele Mitelli European Quartet feat. Alexander Hawkins, John Edwards, Mark Sanders
Gabriele Mitelli European Galactic Orchestra

Luke Stewart
Luke Stewart Solo: Works for Upright Bass, Amplifier and Video
Brian Settles / Luke Stewart / Warren Trae Crudup III
Luke Stewart Luke Stewart Exposure Quintet feat. Ed Wilkerson, Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, Avreeayl Ra

Jason Robinson
Jason Robinson's Janus Ensemble: "Tiresian Simmetry" and "Resonant Geographies"
Janus Quintet: "The Two Faces of Janus" feat. Marty Ehrlich, Liberty Ellman, Drew Gress, George Schuller
Janus Quartet: "Harmonic Constituent" feat. Joshua White, Drew Gres, Ches Smith
Jason Robinson - Anthony Davis (European Premiere)

Stefano Bollani's projects (only for France)



Frederic Rzewski
3 different programs for Piano Solo Recitals:
- "The People United Will Never Be Defeated!"
- "Nanosonatas (2006-2010)"
- "Squares & North American Ballads"

Anthony Davis
X. The Live and Times of Malcolm X (a lyric opera)
Episteme Ensemble
Anthony Davis Duos with Jason Robinson or Mark Dresser
Anthony Davis Piano Solo

Andrea Rebaudengo
Piano Solo Recital: "Written Music by Improvisers"

Gabriele Mirabassi
Gabriele Mirabassi & Simone Zanchini
"Chamber Songs" with Enrico Zanisi
"Um Brasil diferente" with Roberto Taufic
"Correnteza" feat. Cristina Renzetti and Roberto Taufic
"Gli Amori Sospesi" feat. Nando Di Modugno and Pierluigi Balducci
"Renato Borghetti Quartet with special guest Gabriele Mirabassi"

Fabrizio Ottaviucci
4 different programs for Piano Solo Recitals:
- "Viaggio al centro del suono"
- "John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano (1946-48)"
- "Psichedelia"
- "African Piano"


Hermeto Pascoal
Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo

Egberto Gismonti
Piano and Guitar Solo

Arrigo Barnabé
Clara Crocodilo Orchestra
Tubarões Voadores
Claras e Crocodilos
Arrigo Barnabé Quintet
Arrigo Barnabé - Luiz Tatit - Lívia Nestrovski: "De nada mais a algo além"
Arrigo Barnabé - Vânia Bastos
Arrigo Barnabé - Tete Espindola
Arrigo Barnabé - Paulo Braga

Yamandu Costa
Yamandu Costa Solo
Yamandu Costa - Guto Wirtti
Yamandu Costa como solista de Orquestra e compositor de concertos

João Bosco
João Bosco Quintet
João Bosco Solo

Siba Quartetto: "Coruja Muda"
Siba Quintetto: "De Baile Solto" & "Avante"
Siba Trio feat. Lello Bezerra and Mestre Nico

Toninho Horta
Toninho Horta & Orquestra Fantasma

Monica Salmaso
Alma Lirica Brasileira feat. Teco Cardoso and Nelson Ayres

Toninho Ferragutti
A Gata Cafe feat. Cássio Ferreira, Cléber Almeida, Thiago Espírito Santo, Vinícius Gomes

Trio Madeira Brasil

Filarmônica de Pasárgada