Wednesday, September 15th, 21:30, Philly Joe’s Jazz Club

Tanel Ruben Quintet
first came together in autumn 2006. With a line-up of award-winning jazz musicians, the quintet has previously released two albums: “Kogutud rikkus” (“Collected Riches”) and “Nõiutud veerandtunnid” (“Enchanted Hours”). This time they will present a brand new programme “Kas tahad ma jutustan laulust” (“Would you like me to tell you about a song”).

Tanel Ruben has become one of Estonia’s most influential and famous jazz drummers known as an extremely active and versatile musician. He is the creative leader of numerous projects and also actively participates in projects and ensembles called into existence by other musicians in Estonia and elsewhere. The forcefully lyrical repertoire of the Tanel Ruben Quintet is the result of the creative collaboration between Tanel Ruben and Kadri Voorand. As Ruben has always also been interested in electronic music, we can hear an interesting fusion of acoustic and electronic music, mainstream and non-mainstream, jazz and non-jazz, connected into a single whole by his specific way of composing and the strongly unique sound of the quintet.

Tanel Ruben – drums
Kadri Voorand – vocals
Kristjan Randalu – piano
Raivo Tafenau – saxophones
Taavo Remmel – double bass


Thursday, September 16th, 22:30, Fotografiska

The music of Tobias Tammearu Trio can be sometimes described as spacious and immersive, sometimes as rebellious and confusing. The main focus is being shifted from music to musicians; Tobias will be joined on stage by Robert Rebane on bass guitar and Martin Petermann on drums. There’s only one rule: Don’t expect anything, and let the music guide you.

In 2020 the trio released their debut album Bivium which has gained a lot of positive feedback from the local audience and press. According to Vootele Ruusmaa from Müürileht, “Tobias Tammearu Trio experiments well with noise and silence. Given their youth, their approach to rhythm, melodies and blurred soundscapes makes their sound extremely unique.”

Tobias Tammearu is a prominent saxophonist of the younger generation who has studied at the Heino Eller Music School in Tartu and Georg Ots Music School in Tallinn as well as Amsterdam Conservatory. He is active in various ensembles including the New Wind Jazz Orchestra and Gather Around by Ramuel Tafenau, as well as Twisted Heads by Jake Victor (USA/BEL/SPA/EST) with whom he won the 2018 DownBeat Magazine Award.

Tobias Tammearu – tenor saxophone, electronics
Robert Rebane – bass guitar, electronics
Martin Petermann – drums


Thursday, September 16th, 23:15, Fotografiska

Argo Vals
is an Estonian composer, guitarist and live electronics artist. His music is characterised by airiness, intensity, tension and release, electronic grooves and constant searches. He has written music for various ensembles, films, TV shows and dance performances, given solo concerts at numerous music festivals and toured in Europe and Russia. Vals has released three full-length studio albums: In Loving Memory Of (2020), Nokturn (2015) and Tsihcier (2012).

At the concert Argo Vals (guitar and live electronics) will join forces with the freelance lighting artist Oliver Kulpsoo, who has built a specific, minimalist and playful lighting solution for the occasion, controlled in real time. The two artists have been giving concerts together since 2017 and have preciously performed at the Stockholm Jazz Festival, the Bankito Festival in Hungary and the Baltic Breeze Festival in Munich. 

Since his graduation from the department of Theatre Technical Arts at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, Oliver Kulpsoo has done light design for numerous theatre, dance and music productions as well as operas. He worked at the Von Krahl Theatre in Tallinn for nine years and was the laureate Production Preparation Worker Award by the Estonian Theatre Union in 2016. Recently he has been more focused on light installations. 

Argo Vals – guitar, loopers, effect pedals, drum machines and synthesised sounds
Oliver Kulpsoo – light design


Friday, September 17th, 23:00, location TBA

Rita Ray
is a young Estonian singer-songwriter whose strengths are blue-eyed soul, classic R’n’B and disco. She melts the audience’s hearts with her powerful yet touching voice and lyrics that carry an unusual dose of sincerity. Behind a shy small-town girl there is actually a femme fatale singing about life’s experiences. Rita Ray’s solid musical foundation is evidenced by the way she writes her music and lyrics and co-produces her tracks with her close-knit band and the production team of Solid Gold Sound. Her truly soul-stirring live concerts are performed with a four to eight member band. Rita Ray’s this year’s performance will also include music from her new album, to be released in autumn 2021.

Rita Ray – vocals
Kristen Kütner – guitar
Artis Boriss – keyboards
Jasper Alamaa – bass
Ott Adamson – drums


Friday, September 17th, 23:45, location TBA

Raw street funk on one side and sweet soul on the other, Lexsoul Dancemachine is a six-man groove band known to tear venues apart with their stage presence. Active since 2013, the group aims to hypnotise the lovers of feel-good music with thumping bass lines, syncopated rhythms, repetitive grooves and soulful vocals. It is the kind of music you can break dance to, although you will also find some more tender grooves between their hard-hitting sounds. The band has released three LPs, toured Europe and the UK and received critical acclaim both locally and internationally. They have been continuously supported by the grandmaster Craig Charles and have also won the Band of the Year at the 2021 Estonian Music Awards. Lexsoul Dancemachine is gearing up to release a new EP this autumn.

Robert Linna – vocals
Martin Laksberg – bass 
Jürgen Kütner – guitar
Kristen Kütner – guitar, cowbell
Joonas Mattias Sarapuu – keyboards, cowbell
Caspar Salo – drums
Luiz Black – percussion


Saturday, September 18th, 23:00, Sveta Bar

playfully creates spontaneous voice patterns and invite listeners to join them in their musical explorations. Their performances also include a mime who inspires, illustrates and enriches this exciting musical experience. Travelling together through the soundscapes, unique musical images are born from the performers’ imagination and the surrounding space at any given moment.

Anne-Liis Poll – vocals
Sirje Medell – vocals
Kärt Sepp – vocals
Ivi Rausi – vocals
Indrek Palu – vocals
Aita Vaher – mime


Saturday, September 18th, 23:45, Sveta Bar

will be celebrating their fifth anniversary this autumn with the release of their second album featuring only original compositions heavily influenced by the legends of gypsy jazz.

Titoks’ virtuosic, bright, technically demanding and attention-grabbing music combines the traditional sound with compositional methods rarely used in gypsy jazz. They take the listener on a journey in a time machine, exploring nostalgic melodies and lively swing rhythms from the 1930s while incorporating a modern spark.

Titoks has been active as an ensemble from 2016. Since then they have performed on over 106 different stages in more than 11 countries. In 2018 they recorded their debut album “When Day is Done”. 

Kristjan Rudanovski – violin
Jaanis Kill – acoustic guitar
Ainar Toit – acoustic guitar
Robert Nõmmann – double bass