EJC 2023: Theme


When thinking about this year's theme, we realised that it should resonate with the host city and its long history of exchanges, sharing of knowledge and mixing of cultures. The title, ILLUMINATIONS, refers to the general theme of education and, for us, creative music education.

For the European Jazz Conference 2023, after Tallinn and Sofia, we will travel to the shores of the Mediterranean, to the beautiful port city of Marseille, France. We will literally be on a cliff where the sea meets the city, at the entrance to its old port, in the 19th century Palais du Pharo. We hope the sunshine and sea breeze will lift our spirits and ignite our minds for the conference sessions.

We want to discuss how music education can have a positive impact on society and how we, music professionals, can contribute to this process. We know that music education can be a powerful tool for engaging marginalised communities, but we are also aware that many of our structures are not as inclusive as we would like them to be. What is the future of formal music education? What is the role of non-formal education and talent development programmes in supporting the next generation of artists? How can we ensure that young 'off-stage' roles are given the skills and space they need to flourish? How do we remove the barriers that prevent diverse audiences from participating in our events? How do we reconcile this with the need to act in a more environmentally sustainable way?

Together, we will shine a light on these questions at the Conference. You are invited to illuminate this journey with us. See you from 14 to 17 September 2023 in Marseille!