EJC 2023 host: Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents

Marseille Jazz des cinq continents appeared in the calendar of the Capital of Provence in 2000. It was nourished by the history of Marseille, its geography. It plunged to the roots of the city and its attraction to music, It drew strength from the local jazz scene, its artists, and a constant audience. The festival opened its doors to others and for 20 years it continued to weave links with the world and to orchestrate encounters.

Today, the city is changing. On the cultural level, it is developing a brand new vitality. Day after day, we want to put Jazz and the values it conveys at the heart of this dynamic. 

We are very enthusiastic about hosting the European Jazz Conference 2023 and also very honoured to have been chosen to organise this irreplaceable annual meeting for this network. We could not imagine setting up this organisation, welcoming all the members and bringing together all the players in our ecosystem, being alone. This is why, from the moment we formulated the idea of organising the Conference in Marseille, we tried to bring people together. First it was the local institutions and Jazz operators in Marseille and its region, then the major actors of Jazz in France, the CNM, SACEM and the AJC and of course the artists. In this way, we want to build an edition that will meet the expectations of the members of the network.

We perpetuate our action so that Jazz, by its ability to integrate impulses, emotions and diverse cultures, is a vector of exchange between peoples, between humans, between genres, between generations. Marseille Jazz des cinq continents is very proud to lead such an adventure: to bring a Jazz experience to life on the shores of the Mediterranean, in the second city of France, an ancient city where history is on edge.


Photo (c) Clara Lafuente