EJC 2022 Programme Outline

Thursday 22 September 2022


12:00-19:30    Registration desk is open


14:30-15:15    Welcome of EJN members & celebration of EJN Awards

15:15-16:45    Five parallel working groups on progressing EJN activities

National Organisations / Jazz Panorama
Take the Green Train / Green Pilot Tours
Gender Balance / #Womentothefore
Octopus streaming project
Strength in Numbers 3 research project



23:00-01:00    FRINGE - at OZONE rooftop bar (Grand Hotel Millenium)

Desy & The Visual Madmen

Friday 23 September 2022


09:30-16:00    Registration desk is open

10:30-10:50    Official opening and welcome speeches

11:00-11:45    KEYNOTE SPEECH: “At Home in Music” by Alicja Gescinska (philosopher & writer, PL/BE)

Does music make humanity and society better? Over time, philosophers have considered this question with a great deal of scepticism. Plato warned that music can bring about dangerous changes in society. Centuries later, Adorno pointed to the damaging power of jazz, which he thought would turn us into acquiescent citizens. Alicja Gescinska is convinced that music is more uplifting than it is pernicious. It can play an important part in our personal and moral development. This is something we often lose sight of these days.

12:00-12:45    Stand with Ukraine: concert by Dennis Adu (UA) and Dmytro Avksentiev (UA) duo, introduction by Mariana Bondarenko (Ukrainian Institute, UA)

The collaboration between electronic musician Koloah (Dmytro Avksentiev) and trumpet player Dennis Adu was born in 2020 for Am I Jazz? festival, thanks to Olga Bekenstein. For all the time of work, artists did not even see each other and only exchanged messages on Telegram. Everything came out very intuitively, and the emotion that was fixed hit so subtly and right to the point, to the heart. Despite the short time before the festival, their collaboration exists today, and artists are working together on upcoming projects.

13:00-14:00    Lunch

14:30-16:30    Five parallel discussion groups on the conference theme

#1 - LEADERSHIP | Cultural operators working in jazz & improvised music
Leadership is a buzzword in the arts, and the jazz community is no exception. In a climate of rapid change and necessary diversification – on and off stage - what are the barriers to entry and to succession, to mobility, and what does a modern cultural operator need to continue the career and the legacy of an organisation?
Janine Irons (Tomorrow’s Warriors, UK)
Kornelia Vossebein (Stadtgarten, DE)
MODERATOR: Mark van Schaick (inJazz/Buma Cultuur, NL)
There are many global concerns, such as sustainability, that we all need to consider when building careers and programmes in the jazz ecosystem. How do we factor these into our lives so that we can continue to work, while also minimising our carbon footprint, reducing waste and using new technologies or ideas to suit our situation. Is there anything that we can learn from other sectors and artforms?
Matthew Herbert, with a video “provocation” (artist, UK)
Karolina Juzwa (International Jazz Platform, Footprints project, PL)
Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey (cultural organiser, UK)
MODERATOR: Margaux Demeersseman (Centre National de la Musique, FR)
Could we strive for a common charter, where we as concert organisers together with all other members of the music ecosystem- musicians, bookers, managers, labels,… work towards a sustainable relationship? One with clear views and with respect for one another, in accordance with the values we all cherish? Musicians are our heroes, without them there would be no music at our venues and festivals, nor would there be a Europe Jazz Network or the European Jazz Conference. And yet what has been arranged for most of us - a regular salary and good working conditions - is not always available for those we invite to perform on our stages. Although financial conditions for musicians vary from country to country, most musicians only receive fees for performance, not necessarily for preparation, and in jazz, rarely for travel. The pandemic has highlighted that the income for performing musicians is precarious. How can we help the musicians in our community to be better protected and the beneficiaries of fair practices?
Jan Pauly (VI.BE, BE)
MODERATOR: Davide Grosso (International Music Council, IT)
Within the jazz promotion community (festivals, clubs, concert halls, etc) there are many different operating models and many different ways to optimise audience numbers and finances. This session will explore what models currently exist, and will share information about new ways of doing business and being entrepreneurial, including innovative collaborations between promoters (artists exchange, block booking, mutual production of merchandise, green touring, etc), partnership models with sponsors and neighbouring sectors (shared experiences), subscription models for audiences and the distribution of hybrid content.
Murat Sezgi (Bozcaada Jazz Festival, TR)
Daniela Neumayer (International Jazzfestival Saalfelden, AT)
Alin Vaida (FAPTE/Jazz in the Park, RO)
MODERATOR: Virgo Sillamaa (European Music Export Exchange, EE)
#5 - GENDER BALANCE | Different situations in the former east and west of Europe
Considering the fact Bulgaria is a leading country in Europe for women in prominent management positions (many corporations have women CEOs and there is no gender imbalance in remunerations), the session will present the path that leads to this situation, aiming to understand how this can work in other societies as well, and will compare it with the situation in the music/creative sectors in other European regions.
Mihaela Georgieva (leadership mentor, BG)
Agnete Seerup (JazzDanmark, DK)
MODERATOR: Maria Pia de Vito (artist & artistic director, IT) 
16:45-17:45    SHOWCASES
Bodurov Trio
Vasil Hajigrudev Sextet
17:45-19:00    Free time / Networking
19:00-21:00    Dinner

21:30-23:00    SHOWCASES
Dimitar Liolev Quartet: RHODOPOLOGY
Via Mavis
23:30-01:30    FRINGE - OZONE rooftop bar (Grand Hotel Millenium)
The essential FUNK Trombone

Saturday 24  September 2022


09:30-13:00     Registration desk is open

10:45-11:30     PANEL DEBATE: Does music make people & society better?
Alicja Gescinska (philosopher & writer, PL/BE)
Petter Frost Fadnes (artist & researcher, NO)
Maria Pia de Vito (artist & artistic director, IT)
Moderator: Susanna von Canon (artists' management, NL)
EJN is continuously discussing and advocating about the power of music to improve society. Many members undertake to programme and support musicians who specialise in the creation of work that promotes social inclusion across many of the marginalised sectors of society like refugees and cultural minorities, woman and gender minorities, children and young people, the elderly, and others. There are an increasing number of musicians and programmers who are very experienced in this important area of work, and this session will discuss the joys and challenges of creating work for and with non-professional participants and non-mainstream audiences.

11:45-12:30   BULGARIAN PRESENTATION: Musicology of the Bulgarian Traditions, with Borislav Petrov (BG)

A journey through the richness of Bulgarian musical folklore and its mixing with jazz music, which led to the appearance of folk-jazz on the music scene in Bulgaria in the last 50 years. The history of its development, the different geographical areas that give the great diversity of this music, as well as the most characteristic features of this music, such as the phenomenon of "Uneven rhythms"... We will also take a look at the various performing and creative interpretations and perspectives of folklore and the blending of its elements into non-folk music genres, such as jazz, pop, rock, electronic music and others. A story by Borislav Petrov, accompanied by live music from different parts of Bulgaria.

12:30-12:45    Group photo
13:00-14:00    Lunch

15:00-16:00    Wrap-up by May Ngo (independent writer, AU) & presentation of the European Jazz Conference 2023

16:15-17:15    SHOWCASES
Beleva & Hajigrudev
Zhivko Vasilev quintet
17:15-19:00    Free time / Networking
19:00-21:00    Dinner

21:30-23:00    SHOWCASES
Gueorgui Kournazov Quintet
23:30-01:30    FRINGE - OZONE rooftop bar (Grand Hotel Millenium)
Noise Lunguistix
Ruth Koleva

Sunday 25 September 2022

10:00-13:00    Cultural tours & activities