Cultural Tours

During European Jazz Conference 2019, the city of Novara opens its doors to historical and cultural places all around the city. The cultural tours will take place on Sunday 15 September from 11:30 until 14:30. Tours have limited capacity. The following tours will be organised:

Galleria d’Arte Moderna Paolo e Adele Giannoni is located in the Broletto and houses the collection of paintings and sculptures donated by Alfredo Giannoni to Novara in the 1930s. The Gallery has 260 works from the late 19th and early 20th centuries paintings by prestigious artists such as Plinio Nomellini, Giovanni Fattori, Rubaldo Merello, Angelo Morbelli, Pietro Gaudenzi are exhibited.

The Basilica of San Gaudenzio was built in the highest point of Novara between 1577 and 1690 and was design by Pellegrino Tibaldi. The basilica exhibits many works of art and preserves San Gaudenzio remains, patron saint of the diocese. The Cupola of San Gaudenzio is the most characteristic element of the Basilica of San Gaudenzio and it is the symbol of the identity of the City. The Dome was designed by the famous and brilliant architect Alessandro Antonelli and on its top stands the statue of Christ the Savior, a bronze statue covered in gold leaf and designed by Pietro Zucchi. The Sala del Compasso is located at 24 meters high in the base of Cupola of San Gaudenzio and it contains the original compass with which Antonelli shaped the dome itself.

The Faraggiana palace houses the Faraggiana Ferrandi Museum of Natural History, in which the important civic scientific collections and the rarest species of the world fauna are exhibited. The collections come from the initiative of Catherine Faraggiana Ferrandi and her son Alessandro who in 1959 set up a zoo and a museum in their park in Meina, then donated to the municipality of Novara.

The Cathedral of Novara is a neoclassical building, built in the second half of the nineteenth century based and design by Alessandro Antonelli. The altar is one of the artist's best neoclassical works due to its elegance and flexibility. The interior has three naves (the central barrel vault and the others a cap in each span) divided by yellow ocher-colored stucco columns crowned with Corinthian capitals. The Baptistery is the oldest Christian monument in Novara. It is an octagonal building and in the centre still has the octagonal baptismal font.