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BRIAN BROMBERG'S UNAPOLOGETICALLY FUNKY BAND 01/06/2019 31/08/2019 Brian Bromberg (basses), Everette Harp or Gary Meek (sax), Tom Zink (kb), Ray Fuller (el.g), Tony Moore or Marcus Finny (dr) Emmeci Srl
Chucho Valdes "Jazz Bata" Quartet (only Italy) 01/06/2019 31/08/2019 Chucho Valdes (p), Yelsy Heredia (b), D. Durruthy Bombale' (dr), Yaroldy Abreu Robles (perc) Emmeci Srl
Eric Revis Trio 01/06/2019 30/06/2019 Eric Revis (b), Kris Davis (p), John Betsch (dr) Arco y Flecha
Erika Stucky - Bubbles & Bangs 01/06/2019 31/08/2019 Erika Stucky (voc, acc), Marc Unternaehrer (tuba), Luca Niggli (dr, perc) Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
Erika Stucky - Roots of Communication 01/06/2019 31/08/2019 Erika Stucky (voc, acc), Robert Morgenthaler (tb, alphorn, shell), Jean-Jacques Pedretti (tb, alphorn, shell), Nelson Schaer (dr) Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
Erika Stucky - Suicidal Yodels 01/06/2019 31/08/2019 Erika Stucky (voc, acc) Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
Fourplay 01/06/2019 31/07/2019 Bob James, Nathan East, Chuck Loeb, Harvey Mason Just Jazz International
Fred Wesley & The New JBs 01/06/2019 31/08/2019 Fred Wesley (tb, voc), Gary Winters (tp), Phillip Whack (sax), Reggie Ward (g), Peter Madsen (kb), Dwayne Dolphin (b), Bruce Cox (dr) Provo Culture
Julian Lage Trio 01/06/2019 31/07/2019 Julian Lage (g), Jorge Roeder (b), Eric Doob (dr) Saudades Tourneen
LIBERTY ELLMAN TRIO - June-July 2019 01/06/2019 31/07/2019 Ellman Liberty, Crump Stephan, Reid Damion AKAMU SAS
Malina Moye "Bad As I Wanna Be" (Europe) 01/06/2019 30/06/2019 Malina Moye (g, voc) Basitours
Samuel Blaser - Early in the Morning feat. Oliver Lake 01/06/2019 30/06/2019 Samuel Blaser (tb), Oliver Lake (sax), Benoit Delbecq (p, kb), Masatoshi Kamaguchi (b), Gerry Hemingway (dr) Saudades Tourneen
The Cookers 01/06/2019 30/06/2019 BIlly Harper (ts), Eddie Henderson (tp), David Weiss (tp), Donald Harrison (as), George Cables (p), Cecil McBee (b), Billy Hart (dr) Ina Dittke and Associates
The Count Basie Orchestra dir. by Scott Barnhart 01/06/2019 31/07/2019 The Count Basie Orchestra dir. by Scott Barnhart Just Jazz International
The Original Blues Brothers Band (Europe, Asia) 01/06/2019 31/08/2019 The Original Blues Brothers Band Basitours
Three Ladies of Blues 01/06/2019 31/07/2019 Three Ladies of Blues Just Jazz International
Tuck & Patti 01/06/2019 31/08/2019 Tuck Andress (g), Patti Carthcart (voc) Emmeci Srl
Uri Caine Octet 01/06/2019 30/06/2019 Uri Caine (p) Saudades Tourneen
WADADA LEO SMITH "Reflections and Meditations on Monk" with video - June 2019 01/06/2019 30/06/2019 Wadada Leo Smith, Jesse Gilbert (video artist) AKAMU SAS
Craig Taborn Solo-Piano 03/06/2019 09/06/2019 Taborn Craig Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions