Band From / to Line up Agency
2018-06-01 to 2018-07-31
Smith Ishmael Wadada Leo, Lindberg John, Gilmore Marcus AKAMU SAS
2018-06-11 to 2018-06-24
Aleklint Mats, Holmlander Per Ake, Nilssen-Love Paal Arco y Flecha
Daniele Di Bonaventura Band'Union or Bandoneon Solo Concerts
2018-09-01 to 2018-12-31
Di Bonaventura Daniele, Peghin Marcello, Del Gaudio Felice, Laviano Alfredo Emmeci Srl
Martin Taylor Solo (except UK)
2018-09-01 to 2018-12-31
Taylor Martin Emmeci Srl
Brad Mehldau Solo (only Italy)
2018-09-02 to 2018-09-06
Mehldau Brad Emmeci Srl
Craig Taborn Solo-Piano
2018-09-03 to 2018-09-09
Taborn Craig Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
Julian Argüelles Tetra Touring September 2018
2018-09-10 to 2018-09-30
Argüelles Julian Cathie Rae, Manager
2018-09-27 to 2018-10-07
Gustafsson Mats, Berthling Johan, Werliin Andreas Danielle Oosterop Music Management
Iiro Rantale & Ulf Wakenius
2018-09-27 to 2018-09-30
Rantala Iiro, Wakenius Ulf Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
Ben Wendel Seasons (only Italy)
2018-10-01 to 2018-10-31
Wendel Ben, Hekselman Gilad, Parks Aaron, Brewer Matt, Harland Eric Emmeci Srl
The Victor Wooten Trio feat. Dennis Chambers & Bob Franceschini
2018-10-01 to 2018-11-30
Wooten Victor Lemonte, Franceschini Robert Binirio, Chambers Dennis Milton Emmeci Srl
Erika Stucky PING PONG
2018-10-04 to 2018-10-07
Stucky Erika, Jensen Knut Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
Brad Mehldau Trio (only Italy)
2018-10-07 to 2018-10-28
Mehldau Brad, Grenadier Larry, Ballard Jefferson William (Jeff) Emmeci Srl
Dave King Trio
2018-10-11 to 2018-10-21
King Dave, Carrothers Bill Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
The Thing
2018-10-19 to 2018-10-29
Gustafsson Mats, Nilssen-Love Paal, Flaten Ingebrigt Haaker Danielle Oosterop Music Management
CHES SMITH - CRAIG TABORN - MAT MANERI - October-November 2018
2018-10-20 to 2018-11-20
Smith Ches, Taborn Craig, Maneri Mat AKAMU SAS
Fire! Orchestra
2018-11-08 to 2018-11-17
Gustafsson Mats, Berthling Johan, Werliin Andreas, Zethson Alexander, Santos Silva Susana Danielle Oosterop Music Management
Brad Mehldau Solo (only Italy)
2018-11-18 to 2018-12-10
Mehldau Brad Emmeci Srl
2018-11-19 to 2018-12-02
Ljungkvist Fredrik, Broo Magnus, Wiik Haavard, Flaten Ingebrigt Haaker, Hulbaekmo Hans Danielle Oosterop Music Management
Craig Taborn Solo-Piano
2018-11-19 to 2018-11-25
Taborn Craig Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions