Agencies Proposals

Band From / to Line up Agency
BILLY HARPER QUINTET 2016-10-01 to 2016-11-30 Harper Billy Ina Dittke and Associates
BUILDING INSTRUMENT 2016-10-01 to 2016-10-31 Mari Kvien Brunvoll, Hegg-Lunde Oyvind, Weltzien Asmund Kjell Kalleklev Management
CHARLES TOLLIVER MUSIC INC 2016-10-01 to 2016-12-31 Tolliver Charles Ina Dittke and Associates
DANIELE DI BONAVENTURA BAND'UNION 2016-10-01 to 2016-11-30 Di Bonaventura Daniele, Peghin Marcello, Del Gaudio Felice, Laviano Alfredo Emmeci Srl
DANIELE DI BONAVENTURA BANDONEON SOLO 2016-10-01 to 2016-11-30 Di Bonaventura Daniele Emmeci Srl
DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER QUINTET or NEW ORLEANS JAZZ 7 2016-10-01 to 2016-10-31 Bridgewater Dee Dee TEMA - The European Music Angecy
DIZZIE GILLESPIE(tm) AFRO CUBAN EXPERIENCE 2016-10-01 to 2016-11-30 Hendrix Freddie, Campbell Tommy Ina Dittke and Associates
ELIANE ELIAS QUARTET (only Italy) 2016-10-01 to 2016-11-30 [node:field-surname] [node:field-name], Johnson Marc Alan Emmeci Srl
ERNEST RANGLIN & FRIENDS - FAREWELL TOUR 2016 2016-10-01 to 2016-12-31 Ranglin Ernest, Lo Cheikh, Pine Courtney, Allen Tony, Wilson Alex, Coleman Ira Bacana
JACK DeJOHNETTE TRIO 2016-10-01 to 2016-11-30 DeJohnette Jack, Garrison Matthew Justin, Ravi Coltrane Saudades Tourneen
JARROD LAWSON 2016-10-01 to 2016-11-30 [node:field-surname] [node:field-name] Ina Dittke and Associates
JOHN SCOFIELD - Country For Old Men 2016-10-01 to 2016-11-30 Scofield John Leavitt, [node:field-surname] [node:field-name], Swallow Steve Walcott Saudades Tourneen
KRAKAUER'S ANCESTRAL GROOVE 2016-10-01 to 2016-11-30 [node:field-surname] [node:field-name], Bailey Sheryl, Harris Jerome E., Sarin Michael Saudades Tourneen
Michel Camilo Solo or Duo with Tomatito 2016-10-01 to 2016-11-30 Camilo Michel Nova Concerts - International Booking Agency
MICHEL CAMILO SOLO PIANO (excl. France, Italy, Spain) 2016-10-01 to 2016-11-30 Camilo Michel Ina Dittke and Associates
NICHOLAS PAYTON TRIO 2016-10-01 to 2016-11-30 Payton Nicholas Ina Dittke and Associates
NIR FELDER QUARTET (only Italy) 2016-10-01 to 2016-11-30 Felder Nir Emmeci Srl
THE BAD PLUS 2016-10-01 to 2016-10-31 Anderson Reid, Iverson Ethan, King Dave Saudades Tourneen
THE COOKERS 2016-10-01 to 2016-11-30 Harper Billy, Henderson Edward Jackson (Eddie), Weiss David, Harrison Donald, Cables George, McBee Cecil, Hart William (Billy) Ina Dittke and Associates
THE IMPOSSIBLE GENTLEMEN 2016-10-01 to 2016-10-31 Simcock Gwilym, Walker Mike, Rodby Steve, Nussbaum Adam Saudades Tourneen