Luc Ex' Assemblée

1 Jul 2014 to 14 Aug 2014
Ingrid Laubrock (tenor sax), Ab Baars (tenor sax), Luc Ex (ac. bassguitar), Hamid Drake (drums)
Luc Ex' (The Ex, Sol 6, Roof, 4Walls) interpretation of a jazz quartet. 
Using classic ‘jazz' elements like specific melodic lines and syncopated rhythms where free or soloist roles are welcomed. But also mixing it in with his own background, introducing pop- and noise arrangements and passionate and energetic rhythms.
They carved out space with an innate sense of musical vision, created witty and starting dialogues around Luc's demanding compositional frameworks and bounced melodic aggregations against an irrepressible subversive intent. 
Danielle Oosterop Music Management