1 Jul 2014 to 19 Oct 2014

LABtrio is three musicians with strong personalities, endowed with a fresh and adventurous approach to music.
The Trio's acoustic universe conceals an urban jazz that flirts with electronic, underground and hip-hop cultures.

Since the Trio's founding in 2007, they have received several awards and other prizes (including a superb double - Audience  Prize and Grand Prize - at the prestigious Avignon 'Tremplin Jazz' festival in 2011). Thanks to this price they recorded their first album at the Studio la Buissone, Pernes-les fontaines in France.

Their first album “Fluxus” released in October 2013 (Outhere records)- a real gem -, constitutes testimony to what is the jazz of today, seen by this new generation of musicians. These three will doubtless be some of tomorrow's great masters.

"Halfway between a telluric Supersilent, a tortured E.S.T. or an acoustic Flying Lotus, the music of LABtrio has still very little to do with the cosmopolitan world of it's mentor's trio [Aka Moon]. But they have one thing in common: the status of charming ambassadors of Belgian jazz"
Mathieu Durand - Jazz news December 2013

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