Agencies Proposals

Band From / to Line up Agency
TUCK & PATTI 2015-04-01 to 2015-05-31 Cathcart Patti, Andress Tuck Emmeci Srl
SHEILA E (Europe in coop QG Enterprise) 2015-04-06 to 2015-04-20 Escovedo Sheila (Sheila E.) Miooow Music Agency
MOSTLY OTHER PEOPLE DO THE KILLING 2015-04-07 to 2015-04-19 Irabagon Jon, Elliott Moppa, Shea Kevin Saudades Tourneen
WAYNE SHORTER QUARTET (Only Italy) 2015-04-08 to 2015-05-03 Shorter Wayne, Danilo Pérez, Patitucci John James, Blade Brian Lynn Emmeci Srl
WOLFGANG MUTHSPIEL'S VIENNA WORLD (worldwide) 2015-04-08 to 2015-04-16 Muthspiel Wolfgang Miooow Music Agency
CYRUS CHESTNUT TRIO 2015-04-09 to 2015-04-20 Chestnut Cyrus, Lundgaard Jesper, Hutchinson Gregory Ina Dittke and Associates
DAVID SANBORN QUARTET (only Italy) 2015-04-09 to 2015-04-21 Sanborn David Emmeci Srl
STUCKY & TUBA! 2015-04-09 to 2015-04-12 Stucky Erika, Unternaehrer Marc Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
THE COOKERS 2015-04-09 to 2015-04-20 Harper Billy, Henderson Edward Jackson (Eddie), Weiss David, Harrison Donald, Cables George, Hart William (Billy), McBee Cecil Ina Dittke and Associates
CHRIS MINH DOKY & THE NOMADS (Except DK, A, D, CH) 2015-04-13 to 2015-04-26 Doky Chris Minh, Brown Dean, Whitty George, Carlock Keith Emmeci Srl
ERIKA STUCKY - WALLY & DIE 7 GEIER! 2015-04-14 to 2015-04-17 Stucky Erika Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
ARUAN ORTIZ - RAYNALD COLOM DUO (not for Spain) 2015-04-15 to 2015-05-15 Ortiz Aruan, Colom Raynald Just Jazz International
DINO SALUZZI GROUP "EL VALLE DE LA INFANCIA" 2015-04-15 to 2015-05-15 Saluzzi Timoteo Dino, Saluzzi Jose' Maria, Saluzzi Matias Arco y Flecha
JOE LOVANO'S VILLAGE RHYTHM BAND (only Italy) 2015-04-15 to 2015-05-09 Lovano Joseph Salvatore, Ellman Liberty, Garrison Matthew Justin, Brown III Otis, Mboup Abdou Emmeci Srl
OQUESTRADA (Europe) 2015-04-16 to 2015-04-26 Oquestrada Jaro Medien Gmbh
SUSANA SAWOFF (worldwide) 2015-04-16 to 2015-05-03 Sawoff Susana Miooow Music Agency
RITA MARCOTULLI & LUCIANO BIONDINI 2015-04-17 to 2015-05-01 Marcotulli Rita, Biondini Luciano Uli Fild Concertbuero
ARUAN ORTIZ SOLO (not for Spain) 2015-04-19 to 2015-04-26 Ortiz Aruan Just Jazz International
BILLY COBHAM BAND (Europe in coop Management) 2015-04-20 to 2015-04-30 Cobham Billy, Ecay Jean Marie, Mondesir Michael Miooow Music Agency
GARY PEACOCK / MARC COPLAND / JOEY BARON TRIO (only Italy) 2015-04-20 to 2015-05-04 Peacock Gary, Copland Marc, Baron Joseph Bernard (Joey) Emmeci Srl