Helge Lien trio


24 Mar 2014 to 30 Mar 2014


Helge Lien – piano

Frode Berg – bass

Per Oddvar Johansen  – drums


Available dates:   January 27>February 2.  & March 24-30. On request 


A little nation with a big jazz tradition is the land of fjords and trolls. Fascinating new artists and acts sporting a huge zest for playing and an irrepressible urge for experimentation keep pushing out of Norway to conquer the rest of the jazz world. The Helge Lien Trio, who have already won a large circle of fans in Scandinavia and Japan with their five albums and inspiring live concerts, are especially significant. They maintain the balance between jazz traditions and the avantgardist art of improvisation like hardly any other classic piano trio, par excellence.


Kjell Kalleklev Management