Angles 9

1 Jul 2014 to 31 Aug 2014

Martin Küchen  (altsax), Eirik Hegdal (bari + sopranino sax), Goran Kajfes and Magnus Broo (trumpet), Mats Äleklint (trombone), Johan Berthling (bass), Alexander Zethson (piano),  Mattias Ståhl (vibraphone), Andreas Werliin (drums)
The music of Angles, bringing together very diverse influences into a at times overwhelming combination, convinces even the toughest skeptic. (…) an exciting party of exaltation and color, an emotional roller coaster, a punch in the stomach. You don’t get them often as complete as this. Angles is the band of the moment that cannot be beaten. (Guy Peters)


Danielle Oosterop Music Management