Rigas Ritmi Festival

Application process for the International jazz artist contest "Riga Jazz Stage 2014" has ended!

Altogether, 42 contestants applied in the two categories of the contest - "Vocal" and "Saxophone", representing 17 different countries - USA, Australia, Armenia, Slovenia, Denmark, Hungary, Turkey, Israel, Germany, UK, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Finland as well as all three Baltic States - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Organizers of the contest want to thank everyone for their interest!

Festival “Rigas Ritmi 2014” has concluded!

The 14th International “Rigas Ritmi Festival” this year took place from 2nd till 5th of July. Altogether, 72 musicians from 19 countries – USA, UK, Latvia, Australia, Israel, Columbia, Finland, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Israel, Poland, etc. – performed in the festival. 20 concerts took place and seven of them were free; the concerts were attended by an audience of over 8000.

For the first time in Latvia – legendary Pat Metheny Unity Group!

Rigas Ritmi Festival presents – the exceptional Pat Metheny Unity Group on April 26 in Riga!
“Pat Metheny Unity Group” is an extension of the “Pat Metheny Unity Band” and includes renown musicians  – guitarist Pat Metheny, woodwind player Chris Potter, longtime collaborator Antonio Sanchez on drums, and Ben Williams on bass, and multi-instrumentalist Giulio Carmassi.

Year 2013 in “Rigas Ritmi” festival

The 13th annual “Rigas Ritmi” festival has concluded. Throughout 2013, 257 artists and musicians from 21 countries – Slovakia, the US, Croatia, Latvia, Nigeria, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Great Britain, New Zealand, Lithuania, Italy, the Czech Republic, Israel, East Africa, Germany, France, Ireland and other countries. All together 33 concerts took place, of which nine were free-of-charge; audience of over 14 000 attended these concerts.

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