RĪGAS RITMI FESTIVAL 2013 spring concerts - 24.-27.04.2013

RIGAS RITMI FESTIVAL proudly presents the spring concert series 2013!
RIGAS RITMI FESTIVAL is an annual international contemporary jazz and world music festival held in Riga, capital of Latvia. 
It is one of the leading music festivals in Baltic States with recognition in Europe and the world.
For the third year international music festival "Rigas Ritmi" has a tradition to organize the spring and winter concert series. 

Year 2013 in “Rigas Ritmi” festival

The 13th annual “Rigas Ritmi” festival has concluded. Throughout 2013, 257 artists and musicians from 21 countries – Slovakia, the US, Croatia, Latvia, Nigeria, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Great Britain, New Zealand, Lithuania, Italy, the Czech Republic, Israel, East Africa, Germany, France, Ireland and other countries. All together 33 concerts took place, of which nine were free-of-charge; audience of over 14 000 attended these concerts.

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