Strength in Numbers

EJN Research Project: Strength in Numbers

A study of Europe Jazz Network

The EJN research results were published in 2012 and they enable EJN to construct compelling evidence to demonstrate the value and impact of jazz activities across Europe - the first-ever time such a study has been undertaken.With the extensive research on jazz in Europe through the EJN members statistics – EJN is able to report more accurate figures and statistics on the scope of jazz within its membership.”

EJN is proud to present the results and findings of this research project; Strength in Numbers provides a wide range of information about the quantitative and qualitative effects of our member organisations’ activities both in their own countries and internationally. As well as publishing the detailed findings of this research study, EJN will support members in disseminating the research findings both at a national and European level."
Annamaija Saarela

"This work confirms what we have all understood anecdotally but have struggled to articulate factually: that we are the backbone of live performance, that we are a significant employer, that we are a substantial driver of cultural economic activity at local, national and EU level and that our network is of systemic importance to one of Europe’s most potent cultural assets."
Gerry Godley

"This report should be a welcome publication not only for the EJN membership but also for arts organisations, policy makers, funding agencies and potential network members. The study documents the working practices and activities of the EJN membership, who make an impressive contribution to public life across Europe."
Professor Tony Whyton

"I wanted to say what a pleasure it has been working with you all during this process - I express my thanks to you all in the report and I want to reiterate that now.  I'm also delighted that we managed to get such a high response rate from members - it really is an outstanding result, and it very much boosts the arguments we are able to make through the research."
Fiona Goh

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