Stranges Rha

Rha Stranges is a London based musician (Drummer, Composer, Arranger and Band Leader) very active in the London Jazz scene with a passion for other gender of music such as rock, heavy metal, world, pop, folk. He plays drums, orchestral percussion, electric and acoustic guitar, piano; he also has a huge knowledge in music technology. 
Actually leading “Rha Stranges Multidirectional” project. The first album of the project has been recorded in October 2012 ready to be released featuring some of the most great musicians on the scene such as: Gaetano Partipilo, Gianni Lenoci, Pietro Rosato, Carlos Real-Lopez, Francesco Angiuli, Jamie Leeming and Filippo Lattanzi.
He also leads a  jazz night at Jazz After Dark in Soho (central London) on Wednesday and Thursday, hosting some of the most renown jazz musicians in the London' scene.
Live collaboration in jazz, including big names such as: Jason Rebello, Lee Gibson, Martin Hathaway, Scott Stroman, Steve Potts, Jean Toussaint, Barnaby Dickinson, Alec Dankworth, Eugenio Colombo, Clarence Adoo, to name a few.
“Rock-wise” is band-leading a project called AstreA, as composer arranger and music director and drummer.
His professional career started in 1999 recording his first album with a band called Fallin'time (Elevate Rec/99th Floor) selling more than 10.000 copies world-wide and touring around Europe. In 2001 recorded “Land Of Hope” with Antartide, a project where he was composer, arranger and lyricist. In 2003 the band Astrea was born and 2004 has been spent touring with AstreA around Italy winning many music competitions. In 2003 he worked as session with Secret Sphere, recording “More Than Simple Emotions” video-clip for Nuclear Blast and played few concerts with the band during the same year. 
He also worked as session-live with an Italian duo called “twice” playing regularly at “Teatro Comunale di Casalecchio” (Bologna, Italy) in 2003.
During his career he played in some of the most important Europen festivals such as: Sigetz festival (Budapest editions-1999-2001-2002) and SanRemo festival (Italy, 2000), Gods of Metal 2001(Italy), London Jazz festival (2011) City London Festival (2012) and more.
Also he is very committed both, as teacher and session-musician.
After, studying classical percussion in Italy, with the great world-renown Filippo Lattanzi and drums with Ettore Mancini and Marcello Magliocchi, he moved to London where graduates from Middlesex University receiving a BA in Jazz and awarded a Master in Music from one of the greatest Conservatory in UK the Guildhall School Of Music And Drama.