Sigurta' Fulvio

Fulvio Sigurtà started playing the trumpet at a very early age with and his passion grew and at the age of 15 he  studied at the Academy of Music .

Fulvio achieves his Diploma in Trumpet at the Conservatorio “Luca marenzio” in Brescia under the teaching of Maestro Sergio Malacarne in 1998, furthering his classical knowledge with Louranne Mallet (first trumpet at the Paris Opera),Frank Pulcini (Epsilon Brass),Francesco Tamiati (First trumpet at La Scala).

He first studied Jazz in ’98 at the Nuoro workshop with Paolo Fresu  (winning a scholarship ), then at  la "Scuola civica di Milano" where he studies with  Emilio Soana e FrancoCerri.