Sébastien Boisseau


 Living in Nantes where he jointly runs the Yolk Records label, Sébastien Boisseau has become a reknown double bass player  in Europe. He develops a powerful and elegant playing, his references are anchored in jazz, somewhere between Jean-François Jenny-  Clark, Marc Johnson and Scott Lafaro.  Faithful to his early partners (Alban Darche, Denis Badault, Matthieu Donarier, Jean-Louis Pommier) he has collaborated and produced  music with numerous figures of Jazz : Daniel Humair, Joachim Kühn, Louis Sclavis, Charlie Mariano, Marc Ducret, Martial Solal, Misha  Mengelberg, John Hollenbeck, Pat Metheny, Michel Portal, Gábor Gadó, Eric Watson, Stéphan Oliva, Hans Lüdemann, Samuel Blaser,  Piotr Wojstasik, John Tchicai, Mikko Innanen, Kenny Werner, Simon Goubert, Pierre Dørge…  Sébastien Boisseau also offers short duo programmes in « music lounges » where the host invites his friends and neighbours to  discover the practice of improvisation at close range.  He composes for his projects Wood and Unit and participates in numerous collective projects in France and in Europe