Puglia sounds - Consorzio Teatro Pubblico Pugliese

Puglia Sounds is the program of the Puglia Region for the development of the music system where the system is intended as the set of all components of artistic, professional, business and institutions that contribute to the musical creation, production, distribution and promotion of territory. 
A set of actions to foster the development of the entire music industry (artists, companies, record labels, festivals, recording studios, service, manufacturers, distributors, organizers, institutions, local authorities operating in the region) and at the same time consolidate regional musical activities for the benefit of the public and of the generated economic system.
Puglia Sounds activities aim to the growth and development of the regional music industry: a production segment that can affect cultural development, tourism and economic 
development of the territory.
Puglia Sounds, financed by the European Union extraordinary funds called ERDF - European Regional Development Fund, supports the regional music system through the provision of services subject to public notice - published on the website www.pugliasounds.it and promoted widely through major distribution channels - in order to adopt selection criteria and parameters for transparent access.
Public notices published by Puglia Sounds are intended for legal entities resident in Puglia and legal entities not resident in Puglia, which carry out their activities of music production, distribution and promotion in the region.


Puglia Sounds at jazzahead! 2016  on Sat, 05/03/2016 - 16:31  PDF version
Puglia Sounds will attend Jazzahead! to promote artists and companies from the Apulian jazz music scene   We would like to welcome you all on Saturday the 23rd April  at 17h00 at  Puglia Sounds stand (A27)  to enjoy delicious ...
Agreement with Puglia Sounds reconfirmed for 2016  on Wed, 17/06/2015 - 11:40  PDF version
We are happy to announce that the agreement between EJN and Puglia Sounds has been reconfirmed for the year 2016. Puglia Sounds, member of EJN since 2012, is the programme of the Apulia region of Italy for the development and promotion of regional music. For the year 2016 Puglia Sounds has...
AGREEMENT BETWEEN PUGLIA SOUNDS AND EJN  on Mon, 02/03/2015 - 10:16  PDF version
AGREEMENT BETWEEN PUGLIA SOUNDS AND EJN EJN and PUGLIA SOUNDS drew up an agreement which provides for some advantages for the EJN Members who will include musical projects from Puglia in their festivals or club programmes. Indeed, Puglia Sounds allocated a total budget of € 70.000,00 to...
MEDIMEX: THE EXPO OF MUSIC INNOVATION | 30th October - 1st Nobember | BARI, ITALY  on Tue, 09/09/2014 - 11:10  PDF version
  MEDIMEX: THE EXPO OF MUSIC INNOVATION The fourth edition of Medimex – Music Innovation Expo – promoted byPuglia Sounds, will be held from Thursday 30th October till Saturday 1st November 2014. A three day Music Salon for an audience of music lovers and an...
MEDIMEX: THE EXPO OF MUSIC INNOVATION  on Mon, 02/12/2013 - 11:14  PDF version
    MEDITERRANEAN MUSIC EXPO MEDIMEX: THE EXPO OF MUSIC INNOVATION   8,000 m2 of exhibition area devoted to Italian and international music: showcases and concerts, meetings, innovation and technology Third Edition 6 - 8 DECEMBER, 2013 FIERA DEL...