UMO Jazz Orchestra

UMO JAZZ ORCHESTRA is the only professional orchestra in Finland specialized in jazz and new rhythm-oriented music.The big band of 16 musicians plays about 80 concerts every year in Finland. The programme consists from jazz to soul and classical music, mixing old and new in surprising way, from children to senior citizens.

Musicians in UMO Jazz Orchestra are some of the best jazz musicians in Finland. UMO is highly appreciated and one of the world’s leading big bands. There are over 100 musicians, composers, directors and artists wotking with UMO Jazz Orchestra every year.


Uutiskatu 2
FI-00240 Helsinki
Phone: 358 (0)45 1290 160


UMO Jazz Orchestra releases a new album with Lenny Pickett

by UMO Jazz Orchestra on Thu, 29/05/2014 - 15:38
UMO Jazz Orchestra releases a new album with Lenny Pickett 26.5.2014 Iconic bandleader and saxophonist Lenny Pickett and UMO Jazz Orchestra release their collaboration album The Prescription in June. It’s remarkable that The Prescription marks only the second album as a leader for Lenny Pickett, the renowned tenor... read more

Senior Series: Snow White and seven fantastic big band works

by UMO Jazz Orchestra on Fri, 18/01/2013 - 14:41
Conductor Jouni Järvelä Which big band classic is Happy? What would Grumpy sound like if played as jazz? Or Sneezy? UMO’s popular Senior Series returns with tongue firmly in cheek, exploring masterpieces of the big band repertoire through familiar fairy-tale characters. The concert will feature swinging... read more

Musica nova: Flamenco Big Band – UMO & Perico Sambeat, sax & cond (ESP)

by UMO Jazz Orchestra on Fri, 18/01/2013 - 14:38
Sax player Perico Sambeat from Valencia, one of Spain’s leading jazz musicians, will appear as a guest with UMO at the Savoy Theatre on 14 February 2013. In this Flamenco Big Band concert, forming part of the Musica nova festival, the fiery Spanish flamenco meets cool, swinging modern jazz. Sambeat will be appearing as... read more

Dances with time – Finnish schlagers old and new, sol. Jukka Perko & Yona

by UMO Jazz Orchestra on Fri, 18/01/2013 - 14:36
Conductor Kari Heinilä Jukka Perko, a major name in Finnish jazz, and fresh young singer and songwriter Yona (a.k.a. Johanna Louhivuori) will bring the moods and nostalgia of Finnish schlagers to the Savoy Theatre and Vuotalo in February and March. ‘Dances with time’ is a charming combination of beloved... read more