Big Fish Booking Company

"Bringing the best quality american bands to audiences around the world."


Dan Weiss Metal Jazz Quintet
Trevor Dunn - bass
Matt Mitchell - piano
Ben Monder - guitar
Craig Taborn - synth
Dan Weiss - drums

Dave King Trio
Bill Carrothers - piano
Billy Peterson - bass
Dave King - drums

Dave King Trucking Company
Chris Speed - tenor saxophone
Brandon Wozniak - tenor saxophone
Erik Fratzke - electric guitar
Chris Morrissey - bass
Dave King - drums

Chris Speed Trio
Dave King - drums
Chris Tordini - bass
Chris Speed - tenor saxophone

Greg Ward Quintet
Matt Ulery - bass
Matt Gold - guitar
Dave Miller - guitar
Quin Kirchner - drums
Greg Ward - alto saxophone

Greg Ward Trio:
Dennis Carroll - bass
Greg Artry - drums
Greg Ward - alto saxophone

Martin Dosh - drums, rhodes, synth, effects

Hanging Hearts
Chris Weller - tenor saxophone, effects
Cole DeGenova - keyboard, synth
Devin Drobka - drums

Drobka/Weller Duo
Devin Drobka - drums
Chris Weller - tenor saxophone, bass saxophone