Showcase programme and final names announced for the European Jazz Conference 2016!



We are very happy to announce the Showcase programme and the final speakers and moderators of the European Jazz Conference that will take place in Wrocław, Poland, between 22-25 September 2016.

The showcase programme will take place every evening during the Conference at the National Forum of Music and includes a selection of the some of the most innovative and interesting jazz ensembles nowadays in Poland. The showcase programme is free for all registered participants to the Conference.

Thursday 22 September 2016, 21.00 - 24.00, National Forum of Music Red & Black Halls:
Waclaw Zimpel solo
Aga Derlak Trio
Wójciński/Szmańda Quartet
Friday 23 September 2016, 21.00 - 24.00, National Forum of Music Red & Black Halls:
Marcin Masecki Solo
Karnas Formula
Maciej Obara Quartet
Anna Gadt Quartet

​​Saturday 24 September 2016, 21.00 - 24.00, National Forum of Music Red & Black Halls:
Uri Caine + Lutosławski Quartet
Marcin Wasilewski Trio
Nikola Kolodziejczyk Instant Ensemble
In addition, we are pleased to announce two more speakers that completes the main programme of the Conference:

Georgina Born (UK) will begin the day of Saturday 24th September 2016 (10.30-11.30) with a keynote speech. Georgina Born FBA OBE is Professor of Music and Anthropology at Oxford University and recently held visiting professorships at McGill University, University of California, Berkeley, and Oslo University. As a musician active in the avant-garde UK scene she worked with Henry Cow, Lindsay Cooper, Derek Bailey, and was part of the Feminist Improvising Group. In her keynote speech she will talk about the relation of music with public spaces versus institutionalised spaces as well as present her latest research on different forms of listening around the world.

Scott Cohen (US) will chair a working group on "Strategic Communications for Cultural Organisations" on Saturday 24 September (11.30-13.00). This working gorup will run in parallel with 4 other working groups centred on sharing expertise and run by EJN members. Scott Cohen is the co-founder of digital distribution pioneer The Orchard, the leading digital distributor in the world with offices in more than 25 countries. As a well-recognized public speaker and lecturer, Scott travels the world evangelizing new business models for the digital age.

Other speakers and moderators already announced for the European Jazz Conference of this year are: Danilo Perez (Panama), Patricia Zarate (Chile), Ben Ratliff (US), Francois Matarasso (UK), Stéphanie Touré (FR), An De Bisschop (BE) and many others!
You can register to the European Jazz Conference 2016 through the Eventbrite system:

Deadline for external registrations: 16 September 2016

The full programme of the Conference, with all the moderators and sessions, is available at: 

For any queries please get in touch with us through the contact form of the website.

Looking forward to meeting you in Wrocław, European Capital of Culture 2016! 

The European Jazz Conference 2016 is co-organised by Europe Jazz Network (EJN), the National Forum of Musicand Jazztopad Festival, takes place in the framework of the European Capital of Culture 2016 programme and it is supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland and by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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