Portuguese Showcase Festival

IMPERMANANCE.jpgIMPERMANENCE - Friday 14 September 14h00, CCB Small Auditorium
In music, as in life, the impermanence of things is the only truth that feeds the development and creativity of our existence. The existence of everything after all. When we realize what something is, that something is no longer the same. Or is it us looking at it in a different way? This is then the reason why this music recreates and transforms itself at every moment and never repeats itself. “Impermanence” is a hard to categorize album. It brings composed pieces, with strong themes and arrangements, yet it also deliberately colors outside the lines, disorienting listeners who thought they were on an easy ride, and obviously also offering a lot of space for improvisation.”

Susana Santos Silva - trumpet
João Pedro Brandão - alto saxophone and flute
Hugo Raro - piano
Torbjörn Zetterberg - double bass
Marcos Cavaleiro - drums

Bode Wilson Trio - Marcos Cavaleiro.jpgBode Wilson Trio - Friday 14 September 18h30, CCB Small Auditorium
Bode Wilson is a collective of three of the most active musicians in Portuguese jazz scene, with two albums edited of original music. The freedom intrinsic to this formation, serve as support for a song that pretends contemplative, changeable and energetic. Sceneries are planned so diverse as to remember arid landscapes, crowded fairs, a rusty toy or a bush ...

João Pedro Brandão - alto sax/flute
Demian Cabaud - double bass
Marcos Cavaleiro - drums

Axes - Friday 14 September 19h10, CCB Small Auditorium
The most recent project by saxophonist and composer João Mortágua, highlighted since the beginning of his career as one of the most secure values among the portuguese jazz scene. With this group, Mortágua explores the textures of four saxes and two drums, achieving a contemporary sound, deeply marked by his distinctive artistic identity, that characterizes his several musical explorations. The debut album, released in June by Carimbo Porta-Jazz, was very well received (recently won the prize of Portuguese Album of the Year) and the band has been playing a lot around the country.

João Mortágua - alto/soprano sax
José Soares - alto sax
Hugo Ciríaco - tenor sax
Rui Teixeira - bari sax
Pedro Vasconcelos - drums/percussions
Alex Rodriguez-Lázaro - drums/percussions

Photo_PedroMeloAlvesOmniaeEnsemble.pngPedro Melo Alves’s Omniae Ensemble - Saturday 15 September 14h00, CCB Small Auditorium
The jazz drummer and composer started his musical career in rock/fusion projects before studying drums, jazz and classical piano and composition. Since then, he won various awards as musician (ensemble and solo) as well as composer in Portugal and Spain, including the Composition Award Bernardo Sassetti 2016, which resulted in recording his first album “Omniae Ensemble” as composer and bandleader, recorded 2017 with the newly founded Omniae Ensemble (Ensemble Portugal em Jazz 2016). The record is featuring his winning original compositions as well as arrangements of compositions by Bernardo Sassetti. He is one of the first artists to be signed and published by NISCHO, founded in 2017.

Pedro Melo Alves - drums
José Soares - saxophone
Gileno Santana - trumpet
Xavi Sousa - trombone
José Diogo Martins - piano

Luís Eurico Costa - guitar
Filipe Louro - double bass

Quarteto Beatriz Nunes - Saturday 15 September 18h30, CCB Small Auditorium
Quarteto Beatriz Nunes was formed in 2012 by Jorge Moniz on drums, Mário Franco on double bass, pianist Luís Barrigas and singer Beatriz Nunes. The project arises from the interest in the vocal Portuguese repertoire, from traditional Portuguese music to Jazz. In addition to the original repertoire by Beatriz Nunes, in the beginning the group was also interested on Portuguese songwriters such as José Afonso, Fausto or José Mário Branco. Beatriz Nunes has traveled a path between classical music and jazz, therefore the group seeks for a clean, crystalline and raw sonority. In 2011 marks the beginning of Beatriz collaboration in Madredeus as lead singer, with whom she recorded two studio albums and toured. In 2018 Beatriz Nunes is presenting her first album “Canto Primeiro”, recorded with GDA Foundation support, Antena 2 and with Sintoma Records label.

Beatriz Nunes - vocals
Luís Barrigas - piano
Mário Franco - double bass
Jorge Moniz - drums

TGB - Tânia Graça.JPGTGB - Saturday 15 September 19h10, CCB Small Auditorium
TGB is not necessarily a Portuguese translation of "The Greatest Band". In this case, the acronym only refers to the instrumentation: Tuba, Guitarra e Bateria (tuba, guitar and drums). TGB is an unusual jazz trio, formed (2003) of some of the most uncompromising and acclaimed musicians in Portugal: Sérgio Carolino - Tuba, Mário Delgado - Guitar and Alexandre Frazão - Drums. They have recorded "Tuba, guitar and drums" (2004), "Evil Things" (2010) and are currently preparing a new CD. If fusion really equals synthesis, then they have created one of the best fusion trios of the last decades and must be considered in the general spectrum of creative music.

Sérgio Carolino - tuba
Mário Delgado - guitar
Alexandre Frazão - drums