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The band Al/Capone is named after Jeep Capone and his lifelong friend and business partner, Al Young. Jeep and Al have worked with some of the most gifted artists in the world; Lena Horne, Johnny Graham, Basia, Rich Gajate, Trish Turner, Matt “Doctor” Fink, and Coke Escovedo to name a few. Al/Capone recorded a Smooth Jazz music CD titled “Mr. Smooth”. The CD features guest artists Alex Ligertwood (Santana, AWB), Dean Brown (Brecker Brothers, Billy Cobham), Steven Wolf (Britney Spears, Gil Evans, Paul Simon), Jason Miles (Luther Van Dross, Miles Davis, Brecker Brothers, Sting, Global Noize),  “Mr. Smooth” was the second most added music to radio airplay in the United States in its first week missing number one by only one addition. “Mr. Smooth” charted on the Smooth Jazz charts at 43. 
Following the success of “Mr. Smooth,” Jeep and Al collaborated once again in 2011, composing and initiating recording of music for their second CD, “Moving Right Along.” Tragically, the day after completing the title track, Al Young unexpectedly passed away. For Jeep, facing and dealing with this deeply personal loss was almost too much. As such, he chose to take some time away from Al/Capone.
Now, about a year later, though the pain is still raw and the healing continues, Jeep recognizes that the time has finally come to release the CD “Moving Right Along” and continue with live performance's of the music. “The world needs to hear this music, and Al’s fans deserve to enjoy the magic of such a gifted artist.” “It’s been really difficult, but Al would expect me to put it out there," says Jeep. 
Al/Capone creates magic as they perform and become one with the music. Their interaction and improvisational skills bring the listener along with them through each moment. When the show ends everyone has become part of the “Family”.