Latecki Pekinezeri .

Letecki Pekinezeri (Bojan Petkov - guitar; Ivo Soldatovic - clarinet; Slavcho Kocev - drums; Kiril Tufekcievski - bass; Petar Hristov - saxophone) is a band from Macedonia with a main goal  to create new swing music. Their love towards swing made them establish a unique sound that blends swing with other genres of music in a very natural way. The biggest surprise for their listeners are the original compositions that always tend to evolve and swing in different ways. Coming from Macedonia it is impossible for them to escape the influence of Balkan music.
For the record, Letecki Pekinezeri have produced over 30 works of their own, one album (Letecki Pekinezeri) for the renowned Skopje Jazz Festival Records.Since our debut album, we have toured Balkans (Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania) and The United States of America (New York).