Special Project: Kurt Rosenwinkel & Latvian Radio Big Band

Special Project: Kurt Rosenwinkel and Latvian Radio Big Band (USA/LAT) at Riga Jazz Stage 2017 Gala Concert on April 8.

Kurt Rosenwinkel, the American jazz guitarist, will perform together with Latvian Radio Big Band at the Award Ceremony of the contest.
American-born artist, Kurt Rosenwinkel, has started his music career ever after he left his studies at Berkley Music College, and started touring together with Gary Burton and his group. Thirty years long work is best shown through 11 records as the main artist and more that 40 as a guest artist. Some critics also compare Kurt’s complicated harmony works with Wayne Shorter’s performances.

It’s nearly impossible not to be fascinated by Rosenwinkel’s music. It is presented with a minimal effort and creates an illusion that compositions could be played so easily. “I find that the way I write music is very focused and simple – Less is More – would be the right phrase to describe it,” – says Kurt Rosenwinkel about his artistic development.  

Kurt Rosenwinkel is well-known for his specific sounds and improvisation style, using which he creates the indescribable and unique composition. 

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Tickets are available at all Biļešu Paradīze ticket offices and on the Internet. 
Friday, January 6, 2017 - 11:25

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