A good May - Mai:Jazz 2017

"I believe Mai: Jazz is going to give wonderful experiences to everyone who loves live music." Festival Director Hasse Andersen is enthusiastic when it is nearly May, and believes that this year's programme has both depth and tops for everyone's taste.

"It's a programme that we think covers a lot, and I can mention some names. We have everything from big established names such as Brad Mehldau, Al Di Meola and Chris Potter. We have a good selection from the top Norwegian names such as Arild Andersen, Petter Wettre and Bendik Hofseth, who will perform also with his super band IX. We have new exciting projects like Hanna Paulsberg, with GURLS, Yilian Canizares, Cuban violinist and singer, and much more. Many will be happy to rejoice with Level 42, and for those who want to be absolutely hottest we offer the double-Grammy winner Jacob Collier. Also Shobaleader One with Squarepusher - finally to Stavanger. French musicians are always on May: Jazz - this year represented by Electro Deluxe. New this year is Maijazz Saturday in the Concert Hall and own Impro Saturday on Track 5.

There is no reason to miss Mai: Jazz 2017. One last advice from Hasse Andersen is that there are several concerts that will be sold out and that if you are absolutely sure of your favorites shows it is smart to book your tickets as quickly as possible.
Monday, May 8, 2017 - 11:07

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