EJN Members of Finland

Flame Jazz

Flame Jazz is a concert series since 2011 organising 40-50 high quality concerts a year in Turku, Finland. Our speciality is Flame Jazz Cruise twice a year on a huge cruising ship with more then 2000 people and 6-7 jazz groups on board.  Flame Jazz is a fresh jazz brand in Finland employing a lot of professional jazz... read more

Tampere Jazz Happening

  In 1982 Tampere Jazz Happening was organized for the first time and ever since it has been a part of the spectrum of cultural events in Tampere every year. Since 1990 the festival has been produced by Tampere Music Festivals which is a part of the Cultural Affairs of the City of Tampere. The Happening brings together the... read more

April Jazz Espoo

April Jazz Festival, Espoo, Finland - 26-30th April 2017 The largest jazz festival in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area will be arranged for the 31st time at Tapiola in Espoo. The programme will feature a wide spectrum of Finnish and international rhythm music stars. As in previous years, April Jazz Espoo will be hosted by the... read more

Annamaija Music Company

Annamaija Music Company is an independent production company located in Tampere, Finland. It has been existing since October 2011 and is now one of the key promoters in Finland that offers jazz concerts around the year in Tampere with both Finnish and international artists like Verneri Pohjola, Mikko Innanen, Raoul Bjö... read more

Raahen Rantajatsit / Raahe Jazz on the Beach

July 27th-29th 2017, Intimate & International Jazz Festival in Raahe, Finland. The program of the next edition of Raahen Rantajatsit a.k.a Raahe Jazz on the Beach Festival will be released in April. www.rantajatsit.fi Raahen Rantajatsit aka Raahe Jazz on the Beach is a modern and contemporary jazz festival. Raahe is... read more

Finnish Jazz Federation (Suomen Jazzliitto)

ABOUT The Finnish Jazz Federation was founded in September 1966 as a mutual national organization for both jazz musicians and music enthusiastics. Nowadays the Federation acts as an umbrella organization for its 45 member organizations in Finland. The Finnish Jazz Federation supports its members mainly by organizing... read more