Lubos Soukup

Lubos Soukup (born 1985) is a Czech jazz saxophonist and composer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is active both on the Czech and Danish music scene. He leads several bands, such as Lubos Soukup Quartet, Points, Points Octet, Free 5, and vocal quartet BoysVoys. He is also a member of the Czech-Polish quintet Inner Spaces, Bucinatores orchestra, A.K.T., and other.


His music is inspired by many great jazz and classical composers. Despite his young age, he has already found his own voice on the saxophone and developed a specific compositional approach. His compositions sound familiar, but they are slightly different from everything you know. He surrounds himself with exceptionally skilled and creative musicians and their full dedication enables them to create an immersive art. No matter who Lubos is standing on a stage with, there is essential for him to do a stunning performance.


Lubos Soukup studied the saxophone and jazz music at three prestigious European academies: the VOS of Jaroslav Jezek in Prague (Czech republic),  Akademia Muzyczna K.Szymanowskiego in Katowice (Poland), and at the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen (Denmark). Since 2012, he has also been working on his vocal skills. He has already released five albums with his own music. He enjoys teaching music.