Kramer Hilaria

Dear team
my name is Hilaria Kramer,and i\'m  one of the  few  female jazz trumpet players on  the  european scene (
I\'m pleased to present you my latest project in  Duo  with  the  well known ( touring with Charlie Mariano ) french  piano player  Jean Christophe  Cholet. 
We met for the first time while recording the Cd "Costalta" of the swiss drummer Silvano Borzacchiello. 
The interesting combination of our sound and improvisations touched us immediatly and we  gave different  concerts in 
italy and in Switzerland.The melodies are used as a unifying language  between  
Folk and contemporary Jazz. This Duo interpretes as well own compositions as tunes written by 
historical brasilian composers ( 1900- 1950 ca)  Noel Rosa , Catulo and Geraldo Pereira. 
The Improvisations begin slowly to rotate around the melodies and let appear somehow from  far, notes from  the folkish side of their project. 
We just recorded( 27-29.November \'07) at the  Auditorium  of the  swiss national Radio  RSI in Lugano  our new Repertoire for the 
outcoming CD "Do Luar"(Autumn 08) published by the Swiss Jazz Label Unit Records  and we are now planing the tour for this Cd-release. 
Could you you be interested into the Duo between autumn 08 and winter 09?
On my homepage you  can listen to some  tunes of our recording session and naturally also to other projects of mine. 
Obviously i can  send you some Audio   by Post. Hoping to reach  your interest i send you my best wishes,
hilaria kramer