Key Areas

Working plan / Activity from September 1st 2014 to August 31st 2015



Encourage members' networking activity to share information and learn new business and management models. 
Start research into existing and potential new audiences for jazz via members’ and others experiences.
Improve awareness on norm-criticism for a more inclusive jazz scene. 
Help cultural organisations to engage in innovative ways to produce music addressed to children and diversify existing audiences to reach more young people.
Update EJN's research project on the economic impact of the jazz sector and create a cultural frame of reference for the history of European jazz for professionals. 
Develop tools for the automatic definition of calendars, the integration of geolocation into EJN's database and for a digital platform where artists and event producers can promote and negotiate.
Address environmental sustainability for inclusion into member's practices, the elaboration of artistic projects involving several partners and extend international cooperation beyond Europe.


Form working groups for festival organisers, club programmers and national organisation directors to discuss how to engage audiences throughout the year. 
Encourage festival organisers to create packages for audiences with other activities beyond the festival. Jazzahead (Bremen), for example, will also feature an interdisciplinary cultural festival connected to their partner country.
Launch a survey to understand jazz audiences' profiles across EJN's members for cultural operators to use in websites, annual reports and funding applications. 
Undertake research into the history of European Jazz.
Continue the EJN Award for forward-looking programming raising the profile of EJN's activity in the general media.
Invite leading international organisers, producers and managers to discuss a platform for professionals to be able to operate transnationally by sharing new business management models.
Create a platform for cultural professionals to introduce environmental sustainability into their business. 
Organise a seminar to consider artists' mobility and ways to reduce carbon footprints. 
Organise a “Music and Migration” conference to explore the impact on artists' mobility followed by a practical workshop on the organisation of a tour tracing migrations.
Set up a working group to analyse the jazz scene from a norm-critical perspective to map norms and exclusionary structures and discuss the findings in two conferences.
Develop a web-based tutorial for concert organisers, promoters and producers to help introduce t norm-criticism into their practice. 
Set up a working group of specialists to develop ideas for children’s programming plus a conference to discuss the results and a proposal for a tour for young audiences.Reach 50.000 geolocalised records. Create a wrapper able to control concerts producers' websites to extract performances' data. Synchronise all into EJN's databases.

Expected results

The creation of a platform to strengthen music programmers' ability to operate internationally, to encourage and promote cultural and linguistic diversity and to give examples of new business and management models as well as good practices to strengthen their competence and  internationalization. 
Historicised data from the calendar tool now available to the community to allow cross-research on artistic, temporal and geographical flows. 
An increased awareness of EJN's activity, its members, projects, history and the whole European jazz scene in the media. 
Members will acquire innovative approaches to programming and audience development and will be confident exchanging practices and testing new business and management models. 
The dissemination of accessible and re-usable knowledge to cultural operators. 
The promotion of debate among professionals on important social issues to help their professionalization.
The update of EJN's database to 50,000 records. The updated geolocation database thus available to  the community will represent an essential tool for producers, agencies, artists, media and audiences. 
Cultural/creative professionals will be provided with a cultural frame of reference on the history on European Jazz for their work.
Members will start to develop new audiences  through innovative approaches involving policy makers and the tourism sector.
Cultural organisations will learn new ways to produce music for children and diversify existing audiences to reach the young.
The ecological aspect of the work of cultural/creative professionals will improve .
The tour tool will give artists the possibility to promote themselves and programmers/event producers to broaden their programming choices.
Members will use new methods to approach audiences and share expertise to develop artistic projects involving several partners.


European Jazz Conference
EUROPEAN JAZZ CONFERENCE - The annual gathering of jazz professionals BEYOND EUROPE - INTER TRANS NATIONAL COOPERATION Thanks to EACEA opening to 3rd countries and to EJN’s many international relationships, EJN organizes the most important international conference dedicated to jazz and...
01 - EJN Research and Information Project
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25th Anniversary Magazine
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EJN Award
EJN AWARD FOR ADVENTOROUS PROGRAMMING The EJN Award for Adventurous Programming is awarded annually to a European jazz promoter who exemplifies the values of EJN and has succeeded in turning vision and skill into forward-looking and fascinating musical programmes for their audience. The EJN Award...
Europe Jazz Balance
EUROPE JAZZ BALANCE - NORM CRITICISM AWARENESS Starting from the Nordic experiences, a working group, composed of selected experts will be created to analyse the jazz scene from a norm-critical perspective, studying jazz sector being aware of the norms and exclusionary structures of gender...
Jazz Across Europe
JAZZ ACROSS EUROPE - AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT Festival organizers are asked to create holiday packages offering the audiences/tourists a complete range of activities, besides the festival and the music, giving them the possibility to combine their music passion with the opportunity to visit new...
Jazz for Young People
JAZZ FOR YOUNG PEOPLE - ENGAGE THE CHILDREN  Establishment of a working group composed of international cultural/creative professionals, already engaged in doing special programs for children/youth, who will bring their expertise in producing concerts for kids, working on the idea of...
Shared Roots of European Jazz
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Strength in Numbers
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Take the Green Train
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Yolda/En Route
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