North West Jazz Workshop


North West Jazz Workshop is a newly formed non-profit organization whose motive is simply love of this fine art form called "jazz". Any financial surplus is put back into the system and not taken as profit. Our team are therefore all volunteering (including organiser) to make this happening.

We are simply dedicated to the UK improvisational art form known as jazz. Our aim is to promote jazz education, providing regular Jazz Workshops to the musicians who wish to play Jazz improvisation.

Because of the nature of Improvisation, each musician has their own unique Style, Flavour and Taste - it is like everyone's face are not quite the same. (Even all faces are made of exactly same parts!) Therefore, never too many jazz musicians!

There is a great lack of opportunity for players new to Jazz Improvisation. We're offering a series of jazz workshops to fill this gap - introduction to jazz repertoire, styles and improvising skills for all instrument musicians to help their craft development with our amusing tutors. Please feel free to join our workshop and have fun together. Or joining Mailing list for next workshop information!

North West Jazz Workshop provides a development for jazz musicians to grow and flourish together in a uniquely inspiring and supportive environment.

Last but not least, if you have any suggestions, ideas or request, please let us know. We strive to be better, as all jazz musicians do. Thank you for visiting us.