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About Jazz Maastricht

The Jazz Maastricht Foundation is dedicated to deliver a creative contribution to the cultural life in Maastricht and the 'Euro-region', and to stimulate the education and careers of the artists in this area. We therefore facilitate productions and offer a program of festivals, concerts, open sessions, workshops and master classes throughout the entire year.

The productions of Jazz Maastricht consist of creations by Euro-regional jazz artists,  together with musicians and artists of other artistic disciplines, which are presented to the public via concerts and festivals.

The best known events organized by Jazz Maastricht are the Jazz Masters in the spring and the Jazz Promenade in the fall. Jazz Masters is a meeting of world top artists and innovating talent from the Euro-region. The Promenade is mainly dedicated to links between jazz and other music styles (pop, world, classic, opera) and artistic disciplines (theatre, dance, poetry, film, fashion). Many of these creations are co-productions made or coordinated by our foundation. In 2010 the Promenade will move to the Mecc Congress centre, as part of a new festival Mecc Jazz Maastricht. An impressive selection of international celebrities will perform on the stages, together with many cultural institutions from Maastricht and Euro-region. Two weeks before this event, Oktober 14 - 17, another festival - Jeker Jazz - will take place on numerous stages in the city centre. Jeker Jazz is organized by Appie Weijers (Ap Art Events) and Giel Coenen. Wilma Heystek and Wouter Gulikers of Jazz Maastricht contribute a part of the program.

During the year, Jazz Maastricht organizes and/or stimulates concerts and sessions in the theaters as well as in cafés. Together with pop stage Muziekgieterij (the 'Music Foundry') we present cross-over concerts, mainly in the areas jazz-pop and jazz-world music, many of them being cretions facilitated by the Fondation. Thanks to the technical facilities that we share with the Muziekgieterij, jazz musicians are supported to create productions with colleagues from their own and from other musical currents.

We produce educational programs like the 'Jazz by Kids' improvisation workshops for youngsters as from the age of 4, and facilitate the 'Jazz Leaps In' masters classes. Whenever possible, Jazz Maastricht  stimulates other jazz initiatives. Nearly all weekdays, sessions and concerts take place on small stages in the city (Tramhalte, Edd’s Café, D'n 11den Baog and Jacky & Lobina). Café Thembi schedules concerts on Sundays. These initiatives are promotionally supported by Jazz Maastricht. The stage of Edd’s café is programmed by Jazz Maastricht and the Maastricht Conservatory.

Together with jazz organizations in Aachen, Liège, Heerlen, Genk, Verviers and Bilzen we want to realize - under the umbrella of 'Eujazz' - a common policy to make the Euro-region an active and creative incubator of jazz.

For more information about the Jazz Masters festival,  the Jazz Promenade festival & Mecc jazz Maastricht, the Theatre and Café concerts, the educational activities and Eujazz, please check the relevant sections of this website.

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MOONLY DELIGHTS – 20 Feb 2013  on Mon, 04/02/2013 - 15:57  PDF version
MOONLY DELIGHTS – André Klenes Quartet, Strings & Drums Moonly Delights are compositions for cello, guitar, acoustic bass and drums, with the moon as a connectng factor. The music i nfluenced by jazz and world music.  Queen of the Night, companion of the earth,...