Jazz Ascona


JazzAscona the place to be for jazz fans! Specialized in classic jazz and the music of New Orleans, 

the festival attracts a knowledgeable and enthusiastic audience from all over Europe who appreciates the unique richness of the program, the special productions put on for the occasion, the close contact with the musicians, the relaxed atmosphere, and the spectacular scenery offered by the mountains and lake, a beautiful background to the lakeshore concerts packed with people. 

The festival offers an astounding variety of styles that range from gospel to early New Orleans style jazz, from Chicago style jazz to swing, be-bop, mainstream including blues and gospel. 

Jazz Ascona features an average of 20 daily concerts. The concerts start at 11 am and go on until 4 am the following morning. About half of them take place on 8 stages in bars, restaurants, and hotels (often on outdoor terraces), while the other half takes place in the evening on the romantic lakeside, where thousands of people attend about ten outdoor concerts on the five main stages, from 8 pm to 1 am. Night owls can also attend the jam sessions that go on until dawn... 

Ascona is a small town with a pedestrian lakeside and historical town center and one can reach each corner in a few minutes on foot. 

Viale Papio 5 ,
6612 Ascona
Phone: 41 91 7566126
Fax: 41 91 7519070