Punkt Festival



Punkt – at the core of a natural network


Punkt is a music festival in the city of Kristiansand in the south of Norway. The festival concept is centered around a stage/studio hybrid called the Alpha Room. This room is an extension of how the curators of the festival, Jan Bang and Erik Honoré, have worked with a range of Nordic and international improvisational artists over the last years; with live sampling and live electronics, and as record producers and remixers.


Live Remix


In the Alpha Room (the smaller, black box type stage at Agder Teater), the concerts on the main stage are remixed, and the audience may listen to the remixes immediately after each concert. In some cases, the remixers also invite musicians to interact with the remixes, making the Alpha Room an environment for innovation and improvisation.


Sound and Vision


Good sound and great design and lighting has always been one of Punkt`s trademarks. We use the best obtainable professionals within their respective fields:


sound: main stage: geir østensjø (avab-cac)


alfarom: øystein karlsen


set design: tord knudsen


video: jan martin vågen


backline: kjell sørgaard (cbs)




Recordings are listed here




The history of the Punkt festival is available here