Festival Django Reinhardt


2011 after 2010, a year that will be hard to beat!

For the 32nd time, the Django Reinhardt Festival comes to us from the outstanding open-air setting of the “île du Berceau” island, right in Django’s backyard. 
We have seen to it that his year’s edition comes up to the high standards set by the 2010 festival, which celebrated the 100th anniversary of Django’s birth in Belgium, in Liberchies, on the 23rd January 1910. Too bad that he had to leave us on 16th May 1953 here in Samois.
2010 will go down in history as a year to remember in which there were a great variety of initiatives and events, each a reminder of what an important role Django has played in the history of jazz l
In Samois itself, one association had the great idea of putting up a ’statue for Django’. The benefactors of this noble cause included the Village Hall, the Festival Committee, a number of Django and Samois fans, and even the French Minister of Culture, Frédéric Mitterrand.
Django’s bust is now there for all to see, following an emotional inauguration led by the film director Tony Gatliff
More than a hundred volunteers hard at work!
In 1968 on the 15th anniversary of Django’s death, the Samois Festival first came into being. This was a tribute to his memory organised by the so-called “Association des Amis de Samois”. A few years later the Django Reinhardt Festival Association had become a permanent fixture despite some trials and tribulations! Which reminds me of our debt to all those volunteers who faithfully serve the festival year in, year out and sometimes all year long too?! 
Those 100 volunteers, who are for the most part residents of the village of Samois, will all be hard at work serving the festival around the clock. 
In the name of the Association Committee, the Village Hall and all those who give us their support, I raise a toast to a great 2011 vintage. Let the show begin!

Jean-François Robinet
President of the “Association du Festival Django Reinhardt” and Mayor of Samois-Sur-Seine

Hope to see you : 26th to 30th june 2013 pass 5 days on sale  on Mon, 21/01/2013 - 19:36  PDF version
You dears, it will be a pleasure to meet you again at the 34th edition of Festival Django Reinhardt of Samois s/Seine From wednesday 26th to sunday 30th june 2013