Vooruit Kunstencentrum



Vooruit, the story of a fascinating building

The Vooruit building is situated on two different levels; there is a 12-metre difference between the façade on the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat and the rear wing overlooking the Muinkschelde. This is also the secret to Vooruit’s biggest asset: it has a concert hall (the Concertzaal )
neatly tucked away under a theatre hall (the Theaterzaal)
In 2000, a fully restored Vooruit was awarded the Flemish Monument of the year Prize. However, it is still not easy to operate a progressive arts centre with 2000 activities and 275 000 visitors per year in a restored monument dating from 1913. The house was therefore bestowed the difficult task of combining the maintenance and renovation of the building with new needs in terms of security and environment, stage technical infrastructure, public comfort, ICT and new media. (More Vooruit in the 21st century)

Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 23B
9000 Ghent
Phone: 32 9 26728 86
Fax: 32 9 26728 99
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