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ZoArt is an association that promotes and spreads cultures that are plural. It develops their attractiveness and promotes their recognition across Europe and the world.

The association works closely with other cultural bodies at a local, regional, national, European and worldwide level. The goal is to build an ongoing network of cultural and artistic bodies, developed as a way of making music a vector of intercultural dialogue, not only between partner musicians, but also for the benefit of different audiences.

Boulevard de Nieuwpoortlaan 1,
B-1000 Brussels
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ZoArt Music www.zoartmusic.com Tel +32-485445-418 ÂADA with Khalid Benghrib, Hassan Boussou and 9 musicians/dancers. Majid Bekkas with Makenba (Louis Sclavis, Aly Keita and Minino Garay) Majid Bekkas Gnaoua Band (6 gnaoua musicians from Salé and Rabat) Mamia Chérif...